Advantages of IATA Certification in Travel Industry

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Advantages of IATA Certification in Travel Industry

From small business owner, travel agent or even a student, IATA courses offer countless benefits to the person. One of today’s most trending training courses, IATA helps by formalizing the learner’s skills according to the workplace. In order to find why you actually need   IATA training course, let’s see what the program actually gives you.

Let’s Start with What is IATA

Around 265 of global airlines’ relationships are handled by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which means that 83% international air traffic is managed by this exchange. IATA’s influence is spread across key segments of the aviation sector, which helps provides it with great insight during policy making for the aviation industry. The target of this private organization is to introduce secure, dependable, consistent and equitable services by leading, globally registered airlines.

What is the Goal of IATA?

Targeted Goal: The primary goal of IATA is to promote the advantages of integrating aviation into local and international businesses/trade, as well as creating better appreciation of the industry values among partners who have the decision-making power. Making smooth transit process of merchandise and individuals through the international airlines system is also included among IATA’s targeted goals. Aviation industry affiliates such as travel agencies and travel/tourism agents can benefit from the professional support provided by IATA. These include industry specific products as well as access to other skill-based services involving consultancy, training and relevant journals, pamphlets, magazines etc.

Benefits of IATA Program

There are numerous advantages to graduating from an IATA course, such as their certification is globally recognized by all international travel agencies and airline services. Additionally, they offer a diverse range of courses that help aviation professionals to meet the constantly needs of the industry and to keep abreast with the most recent standards and organizational policy updates in the aviation sector. IATA’s globally acknowledged aviation trainings and courses are targeted for a variety of professionals and can help with administrative management at all levels. The courses summarize detailed knowledge of tourism as well as travel sector, and the trainings are targeted towards enhancing specialist skills in airline management, travel procedures and sales, and Customer Representative Services. The latter includes airline ticketing, fare calculation and Amadeus.

What Does the Course Include?


  • Build client loyalty by providing outstanding client service
  • Learn about the airline industry, their services and the facilities they offer to passengers
  • Use global distribution system (GDS) to book and market travel products. One such GDS is Amadeus
  • Use standard industry coding to plan and save travel itineraries
  • Help counsel clients about visa and passport information and the benefits of travel insurance
  • Include your own features and facilities in customized travel packages such as car rental, hotel accommodations, free buffets, and cruises etc.

Who Will Benefit from it

  • It will be highly beneficial for students who have passion for traveling but wish to make it a profession as well
  • Young travel specialists who can counsel peers on travel trips
  • Increased job market for airline representatives and further growth and specialization
  • Professional travel agents who wish to certify their trade
  • Large organizations who have staff to make travel arrangements



Eligibility standard for IATA is very simple. Undergraduate who has qualified 12th standard or similar standard of examination is accepted by the board.

Final Thoughts

As of today, more than 200 million people are already serving in the worldwide travel and tourism industry whose prospects are increasing by each year. By getting IATA certification you not only become eligible to one of the fastest growing sectors, but also to make a huge difference in the future dynamics of this field.