Importance of Rules for Spoken and Written English

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Importance of Rules for Spoken and Written English

English, being the most widely spoken language, has a high acceptance rate internationally and it is common for most of the local population to be at least conversationally fluent in it. Ranging from professionals immigrating for jobs to locals looking to diversify their communication skills, learning English is essential for thriving in modern times.


English Language in Dubai

Dubai is a thriving commercial hub and abundant with job opportunities, which has led to a massive influx of foreign workers. While learning the local language may require considerable time, most people are familiar with English and it is easier for them to adapt it. Because both the locals and the foreign workers at least know English to a certain degree, it is easier to use it as a basic common language for communication.

There are many spoken English language courses offered in Dubai, which are aimed towards people looking to enhance their language. These are offered by various English language Institutes in Dubai which are accredited internationally.



Pronunciation is the basis of verbal communication, and English language is no exception to this rule. It is imperative to speak each word clearly to convey what is being said otherwise it can lead to ambiguous communication. Since English is comprised of various rules which differentiate the pronunciation of even similarly spelled words, it is imperative to articulate them correctly.


Basic Sentence Structure

Learning the basic sentence structure is critical for written communication, otherwise the incorrect meaning will be interpreted by readers and will fail to understand what is actually meant. For this, there are various adult language courses being offered in Dubai which are optimized to enhance the written language skills of those enrolled in it.

Sentence Structure

Accompanying sentence structure are many other elements, most definite being tenses and spelling. Failing to produce quality in both areas means a person is incapable of written and spoken English. The courses being offered are developed to ensure those availing from the courses will be able to excel in all elements of written and spoken English.