Future Social Media Strategy Forum 2018

A gathering for social media strategists…

This two-day gathering of leading social media strategists explores global emerging social innovations. Relevance in a fast-changing industry is hard to achieve, this event has been crafted to ensure the imminent trends in social strategy are uncovered and the future ground breaking social opportunities are established.

Social media continues to present vast opportunities for marketers to connect with audiences, create and distribute better content, and build brands. To seize the opportunity, it’s critical to understand the shifts in social strategic influence, staying ahead of the trends is imperative.

Bring your social team to determine the future social possibilities!

Discussion will be focused on:

  • The rise of augmented reality and the impact on social strategy

  • Developing Instagram stories effectively for your business

  • The continued importance of harnessing influencer marketing

  • Gaining relevance with the Gen Zers – new platforms and the innovative strategies

  • Personalizing brand messaging through AI, Chatbots and voice assistants

  • Future social marketing global excellence – case studies from leading strategist

  • The expansion of live streaming and the brand implications

  • Re-thinking Twitter platform operations

  • The impact of facebook spaces going mainstream on future strategy

  • The future pathway for relevant content personalised content

Network with industry-wide social strategists to establish a clear direction for social media excellence.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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