Emotional strength

 Emotional strength
Emotional strength

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  • Duration
    1 - Day
  • Timing
    4pm to 9pm
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  • Lectures

Overall Objective:
The Power of Empowerment Program The "Power of Human Power" science is the latest and most powerful human development science
Of 90% of human values are made up during the first seven years of age, as well as more than 95% of their emotional programming
Beliefs and perceptions of things, and therefore all the challenges that a person faces in his life are caused by his previous programming
Which are stored deep in the unconscious mind, and in all memory centers and energy corridors.
You will learn how to use it in all corners of your life and how to get rid of negative energy stored deep in your memory
And helps you maintain and develop positive energy, leading to health, vitality and activity
You can gain other powerful energies that help you balance, grow and reach the top of success.
Our work, which is a success in the eyes of those around us, may not fit our innate values to surprise a positive reaction that does not correspond to

The program explores how to live each value inherent in value rather than value. Value axes Hao Cal
And its supporters. Our activity is a valuable asset for our customers.
Participants will also discover the highest ideals of value and how they communicate with them in making decisions and taking decisions. . KAM
They will learn how to deal with life through the case and deed of each value.

Program Goals

  • Have you ever felt happy doing a simple job and not knowing why?
  • Do you often hesitate when making a decision?
  • Sometimes the simplest decisions turn into a joke?
  • Have you ever achieved what you were seeking and did not feel any joy in what you achieved?
  • Sometimes you feel upset and overcome negative emotions without knowing a reason
  • Do you feel that you are living a personality in your imagination and what you want to be?

Program Themes
This program is the strongest and most recent program in human development,
This program is stronger and more powerful in terms of passion

  • The feelings we choose and the feelings imposed on us
  • Four dimensions of life management
  •  Emotional Intelligence innate values and emotional strength
  •  Values of innate values
  • How to live each axis of the four dimensions of life recognition
  • Our roles in life
  • Our high ideals
  • Our goals and projects for each intrinsic value
  • Types of energies
  • Kinetic energy
  • Geospatial energy
  • Intellectual energy
  • Emotional energy
  • Spiritual energy
  • The road to the summit
  • Generator of the researcher
  • Happiness
  • Stages of existence
  • The stages of depression
  • Road to abstract energy
  • Young self-healing
  • Integrated Development Strategy
  • Cut the blind cord
  • Internal love strategy
  • Complete energy elements
  • The seven front-end energy centers - the Chakras Program for Human Development,
  • Aura - Aura 
  • Ideas come up
  • How to build a bright future
  • Internal smile
  • Meet your wise self
  • Breathing strength
  • Complete energy elements
  • Treatment of human power

Established in 2014, Progress Corporate Training is the UAE’s leading corporate training provider, offering over 100 short training courses in Management, as well as technical training courses in the Oil and Gas sector. Courses are delivered by highly qualified consultants.

PTC was one of the pioneers of running CIMA courses in the UAE. 

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