5 Steps to Financial Freedom - 4 Weeks

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AED 6,000

AED 7,000

Duration: 4 Weeks
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Learn how to invest in the Real Estate, the Stock market, Bonds, Gold, Peer to Peer and Crowdfunding based on 20+ years of hands on experience investing in the UAE, UK, USA, Switzerland and Australia.

What you will learn 

✓ How to invest in Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Gold, Peer to Peer, and crowdfunding in the US, UK, Switzerland and Australia
✓  How to build a diversified investment portfolio with amazing returns and low risk:
✓  Get my portfolio, which is up more than 50% in the past two years
✓  Get to know the stock portfolios of the legendary investors like Ray Dalio and David Swensen
✓  Get Wealth Heights portfolios with up to 30% per year return in the last 7 years
✓  Learn how to invest in Peer to Peer platforms with up to 16% net yearly interest
✓  How to invest in Real Estate in the UK, UAE, Spain and other markets:
✓  Learn the 6 Golden Rules of Real Estate Investment
✓  How to find great real estate deals
✓  How to financially assess real estate opportunities
✓  How to get a guaranteed 12% return per year for 25 years!
✓  How to secure a mortgage, get a reliable property manager and do your tax return online
✓  Pros and Cons of commercial and off plan properties
✓  Crowdfunding real estate investment

Two sessions of two hours- one session per week for two weeks

Does it really work? 
Please read the course testimonials!
This course is a life changing experience and probably the best investment you will ever make. M.Yousry-Saudi Arabia 

"Transformational Course”- Taking the course with Haitham on how to grow my savings and make great investments was one of the best decisions I have ever made. M.Torki- UAE
A great lesson I learned is that in financial investing (as with everything else), you need to invest in yourself, and I’m glad I started that lifetime journey with this course. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. A.Elnaggar- Poland

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