AUTOCAD 2D & 3D Training

Zabeel International Institute of Management & Technology

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AED 1,900

Duration: Upto 24 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Who needs the AUTOCAD 2D & 3D Training Program?
This course is designed for Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Draftsmen etc.

Detailed Course Content: 
AUTOCAD 2D  Training  Program:
The course teaches students to create a basic 2D and 3D drawing using drawing and editing tools, organizes drawing objects on layers, add text and basic dimensions, and prepare to plot.
✓  User Interface
✓  Creating Drawings
✓  Manipulating Objects
✓  Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
✓  Altering Objects Module
✓  Working with Layouts
✓  Annotations
✓  Dimensioning
✓  Hatching Objects
✓  Working with Reusable Content
✓  Creating Additional Drawing Objects
✓  Create Template Content
✓  Insert and Manage External References
✓  Isolate or Hide Displayed Objects
✓  Layouts and Visibility Module 16: Printing and Plotting
✓  AutoCAD 3D course Program:
This course introduces the concepts and methods of 3D modeling using AutoCAD software. While wireframe, surface and solid modeling are covered, the emphasis is on creating and editing solid models.
✓  Creating a 3D workspace(s)
✓  User Coordinate Systems (UCS)
✓  3D editing & manipulation
✓  Flattening 3D to 2D
✓  Using visual styles
✓  Photo-Real Rendering
✓  Viewing in 3D – Isometric, Axonometric & Perspective
✓  More complex Solids – extrude, loft, revolve, sweep etc.
✓  Display Modes (Visual Styles, Transparency, Edge Effects)
✓  Creating Basic Solid Primitives
✓  Creating solids by thickening
✓  Using Viewports in 3D
✓  Lighting and Materials
✓  Cameras
✓  Animations

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