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AED 4,500

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Duration: 35 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Delivery: Onsite course

Adobe Photoshop Training In Dubai

Develop or refine your creative design skills with hands-on Adobe Photoshop training from Learnovate Training Center.

✓  Online/ Onsite Adobe Photoshop CC Training In Dubai, UAE

✓​​​​​​​  Lots of Hands-on practice

✓​​​​​​​  Convenient & Comfortable

✓​​​​​​​  Professional Training Sessions

✓​​​​​​​  Job-Oriented Program

Adobe Photoshop Training Dubai – Online Adobe Photoshop Courses in Dubai

Adobe Photoshop has a very well-organized and user-friendly interface that provides easy access to simple editing tools such as the Brush Tool, Eraser Tool, Horizontal Style Tool, Gradient Tool, and many more. Adobe is occupied with the editing portion and the available customization options will be shown in the top toolbar area whenever you pick a new tool, and you can also access color customization panels, plus you can also handle project layers. It lets you create 3D effects and allows you to paint 3D images as well. All in all, Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 for Mac OS X is an excellent program for image editing.

Course Outline (Adobe Photoshop CC Course):

✓​​​​​​​  Photoshop Installation

✓​​​​​​​  Photoshop begins

✓​​​​​​​  See Photoshop

✓​​​​​​​  Display and hide boards

✓​​​​​​​  Interacting with boards

✓​​​​​​​  Working with Tools for Photoshop

✓​​​​​​​  New Document Formation

✓​​​​​​​  Color Modes and Resolution range

✓​​​​​​​  New Document Formation Using Presets

✓​​​​​​​  Function Non-Square Pixels

✓​​​​​​​  Opening Pictures

✓​​​​​​​  Insert Paper Photos

✓​​​​​​​  Raw Data Import from a Digital Camera

✓​​​​​​​  Smart Objects Function

✓​​​​​​​  Resolution 2 and Image Size Changes

✓​​​​​​​  Upgrade and Patch checks

✓​​​​​​​  Support when you’re working

✓​​​​​​​  Paper Saving


Who Wants the Adobe Photoshop CC Course?

Graphic designers, aspiring graphic designers, and artists can be the most accurate target audience for this course.

Course requirements:

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS4 is recommended, which makes sure that you learn this program smoothly. Without it also, you can get this training and your hard work will definitely lead you to success when it’s combined with our professional training.

Features Of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

✓​​​​​​​  An amazing application that can be used professionally for editing your pictures.

✓​​​​​​​  It gives you endless possibilities for manipulating the picture, and that too, without compromising on quality.

✓​​​​​​​  Got a large range of image editing tools designed to assist with the accurate retouching of images.

✓​​​​​​​  Had all the amazing features such as smart auto-correction, HDR graphics, color management, animations, histogram palettes, brushes, layer control, precise selection tools, etc.

✓​​​​​​​  A nice structured and stylish user interface provides easy access to simple editing tools like Brush Tool, Eraser Tool, Horizontal Style Tool, Gradient Tool, and much more.

✓​​​​​​​  Got Camera Shake Reduction that can save a clip, reposition, or scale picture object shots destroyed by the camera.

✓​​​​​​​  Got Conditional Actions tool to help you place image processing on autopilot, and more.

✓​​​​​​​  It facilitates the development of 3D effects and allows you to paint 3D images as well.

✓​​​​​​​  It helps users to edit photos and videos at amazing speeds.

✓​​​​​​​  With HDR imaging and toning, it can also handle tone power.


✓​​​​​​​  We provide our students with the best-trained faculty.

✓​​​​​​​  We provide you with a skill set to tackle any situation of drafting/designing.

✓​​​​​​​  Staff trained to help users in every hour of need.

✓​​​​​​​  Guaranteed success in the drafting/designing industry.


✓​​​​​​​  35 Hours


✓​​​​​​​  10 AM – 8 PM

Note: Please contact us and confirm course fees, because we are offering different packages, Book your free demo session.

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