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AED 800

Duration: Upto 16 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

✓ Create and Modify Tables
✓ Sorting and Filtering Data in a Table
✓ Getting Summary Information in a Table
✓ Calculate Total Row in a Table
✓ Display Special Formatting for First/Last Column
✓ Outline a List of Data
✓ Validating Data During Entry
✓ Working with Database Functions
✓ Using Advanced Filters in Excel 2016
✓ Quick Analysis With New Features of Excel 2016

Lesson 5: Working with Charts in Excel 2016
✓ Summarizing Data Visually Using Charts
✓ Creating a Chart Quickly
✓ Changing the Chart Type
✓ Customizing Chart Data
✓ Show or Hide Chart Gridlines
✓ Creating a Pie Chart
✓ Saving the Chart as a Template
✓ Creating Combination Charts
✓ Using The New Pareto Chart Functionality
✓ Using Recommended Charts Effectively

Lesson 6: Working with Pivot Tables
✓ What is a Pivot Table
✓ Anatomy of a Pivot Table
✓ How does a Pivot Table Works
✓ Create a Basic Pivot Table Report
✓ Rearranging a Pivot Table Report
✓ Customizing a Pivot Table
✓ Changing Summary Calculations
✓ Adding and Removing Subtotals
✓ Sorting in a Pivot Table
✓ Filtering in a Pivot Table
✓ Create Report Filter Pages
✓ Using Slicers in Pivot Table
✓ Working with Pivot Chart

Lesson 7: Working with Shared Workbooks
✓ Working in a Group Environment
✓ Sharing Workbooks in Excel
✓ Commenting in Cells
✓ Tracking Changes in Workbooks
✓ Accepting or Rejecting Changes
✓ Keeping a Backup of your Changes

Lesson 8: Working with Multiple Workbooks
✓ Linking to Other Workbook
✓ Consolidating Multiple Sets of Data
✓ Consolidate Multiple Worksheets

Lesson 9: Protecting Your Worksheet and Workbook
✓ Protecting Your Worksheet
✓ Protecting Your Formulas
✓ Protecting Your Workbook
✓ Save Your Workbook with Password
✓ Encrypting your Workbook

Lesson 10: Working with Excel Macros
✓ Recording & Testing a Macro
✓ Using the Developer Tab
✓ Create a Macro
✓ Relative and Absolute Recording
✓ Testing the Macro
✓ Running and Deleting Macros
✓ Using a Shortcut key
✓ Placing a Macro on the Quick Access Toolbar
✓ Short Introduction to Macro Programming in
✓ Excel 2016

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