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Duration: Upto 3 Months
Location: Pakistan
Delivery: Online course

In this century, where the involvement of technology is necessary for our daily lives and in one of them, cell phones are the basic and mandatory device, where no one can imagine to live. Among all cellphones, there are so many versions available, but when smartphone launched in the market, it changed the lifestyle of human. Due to this device, every single human is getting the benefits according to his / her desire and make it more productive in his life. 

In Smartphones, ANDROID the Operating System from Google changes the style of every human being. Where the people are getting the benefits from this device and using the application where some are free or some are paid, they need some application according to their desires. 

Corporates and individuals are required beneficial applications and according to this huge world level market. The Market needs the developers or programmers of Android. This course has been designed according to the requirement of the professional world of developers and programmers, where the candidate will learn each and every aspect of the ANDROID operating system with integrating different collateral hardware. 

The course covered from basic to advance level and will be completed within the 2.5 Month from day one. The course also enables the participants to work in the professional world as an Android Programmer or developer, because of its professionally developed content. 

The Participants shall develop mind-blowing applications in android after completion of this course and if they are able to participate in Googles World then unlimited monetary benefits can be achieved. 

The course content will be available shortly

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