Animal Care - Level 3

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Duration: Upto 25 Hours
Location: United Kingdom
Delivery: Self paced course
Advanced Diploma in Animal Care - Level 3 Course Overview: Start an exciting career in animal care. Calling all pet lovers and carers everywhere, the Advanced Diploma in Animal Care – Level 3 course has opened up a world of opportunities to turn your passion into a business. Gain extensive knowledge in animals, their health and beahviour and move towards a productive and exciting career in the animal care industry. It is a rewarding and highly satisfying career, specifically aimed at people with a desire to work in this thriving industry. Pet owners want the best for their pets and will go to great lengths to acquire the best pet services.  The Advanced Diploma in Animal Care – Level 3 is a comprehensive training that will teach individuals how to instill confidence in your clients and develop skills to even run your own pet venture. If you have natural confidence of being with animals, this course is perfect for you. It is insightful and offers in-depth training and practical knowledge on how to understand animals, their behaviour patterns, body language and distinctive sounds. The Advanced Diploma in Animal Care – Level 3 will cover key topics on dog and car behaviour, dog and cat health care, rabbit tips, bird tips, caring for your fish and general information on reptiles. It is a step towards becoming qualified in animal care and taking your career to the next level. Course Curriculum 1: dog behaviors 2: dogs learning 3: body languages 4: a dogs eye view 5: how cats behaviour develops as they grow ☑ assignment ☑ submit your assignment 6: abnormal cats behavior 7: reading cats body language 8: distinctive cat sounds 9: cats health care 10: different breeds of rabbits guinea pigs ☑ assignment ☑ submit your assignment 11: rabbit or guinea pig needs 12: different breeds of hamsters gerbils mice exotic rats 13: general tips on caring for birds 14: recognizing common diseases and preventing spread 15: how to care for fish ☑ assignment ☑ submit your assignment 16: recognizing disease and what to do 17: reptiles 18: diseases on reptiles ☑ assignment ☑ submit your assignment Who is this Course aimed at? Individuals who want to gain in-depth knowledge on animal behaviour Individuals who are animal lovers and want to run their own animal business Pet carer, pet sitting services Anyone who has a deep interest in animal care Entry Requirement        Learners should be age 19 or over, and must have a basic understanding of Maths, English, and ICT. A recognised qualification at level 2 or above in any discipline. Method of Assessment This online course will be evaluated through written assignments. In order to complete this programme successfully and gain your professional qualification, all students are required to complete a series of assignments. The completed assignments must be submitted via the online portal. Your instructor will review and evaluate your work and provide your feedback based on how well you have completed your assignments. Certification       Those who successfully completed the course will be awarded the “Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Animal Care” by ABC Awards and a learner unit summary (which contains the details of the units in your course you have completed). This professional qualification will make you an asset to potential employers and your motivation and commitment to excel your skills will be recognised. Course Code: QLS-03593 Progression and Career Path Pet Care Pro Pet Care Associate Dog Walker Pet Care Specialist Others jobs you can get Pet Sitter Pet Groomer Dog Walker Pet Care Assistant Other Benefits Written and designed by the industry’s finest expert instructors with over 15 years of experience Repeat and rewind all your lectures and enjoy a personalised learning experience Unlimited 12 months access from anywhere, anytime Save time and money on travel Learn at your convenience and leisure Eligible for a NUS discount card Free Career Support Service 25% Discount on personal Statement and covering letter writing service Free Access to Over 150 courses for 2 days (48 hours) Free access to course before you purchase (For selected courses only)
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