Aviation management fundamentals

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AED 5,000

Duration: 1 Month
Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Delivery: Onsite course

About the Program
✓ Total duration 1 month
✓ Classroom session
✓ Online
✓ Self study/distance learning
✓ Entry requirements: – 12 years of schooling and above preferred (A level, 0 Level)


The Fundamentals of Aviation Management
The Aviation management course in Dubai focuses on the business knowledge needed for success in the aviation industries, emphasizing general management, strategic planning, analysis and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of aviation operations.

The course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the global market of the aviation industry both national and international levels.

The courses provide background information on airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports, aviation authorities, suppliers and the links with its complex value chain.

During the course participants learn the regulations, rules mechanisms and the characteristics of general management and aviation businesses in particular.  

Course content
1. Aviation management. Introduction, what is aviation, what is aviation management, brief history of aviation
2. Emerging trends in aviation
3. Aviation industry and global aviation market
4. Aircraft manufacturers, commercial aircraft manufacturing industry trends and characteristics. Aircraft Manufacturing Giants
5. Major airlines and types of carriers: Comparison between Low Cost and Full Service Carriers: Airline revenues. Types of Carriers. Airlines organizational structures
6. Aviation authorities and regulatory bodies. Important factors driving civil aviation
7. Aviation suppliers and MRO’s (maintenance and repair organizations)
8. Types of Airports: International hubs, national hubs, individual airports
9. Airport operations and organizational structure. Airport planning and commercial development
10. Aviation business. General management, strategic planning, analysis and aviation operations.

The course is open to students, graduates and professionals who are interested in the field aviation management.  Designed for junior level managers currently working in the aviation industry or professionals entering the industry and seeking a managerial role.

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