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Duration: Upto 47 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

Welcome to the online training on ASP.Net. This is the training for all those who want to know what ASP.Net is all about.

Asp.Net is a development structure for building web sites and dynamic web pages with HTML, CSS, Javascript & server scripting. This training on ASP.Net is for all those who want to know what ASP.Net is all about. Various Topics that you will learn in this training is View State & Validator Controls, Event Handling & Server Controls and Data Source & Binding.

This comprehensive training on ASP.Net will also enable you to learn about ASP.Net basics, environment, lifecycle & example. You will also get to learn about ASP.Net ADO.Net , ASP.Net AdRotator, Calendar, Multi Views,  AJAX, Panel, custom user controls, error handling, debugging, security. In the end of the chapter you will be also learning about ASP.Net Caching, ASP.Net Web Services and ASP.Net Multithreading. You will also get to learn about ASP.Net Configuration and ASP.Net Deployment.

Why ASP.NET MVC Training is required?
✓ ASP.NET MVC is one of the powerful and an effective framework for building maintainable and scalable web applications.
✓ It represents a big change for web developers using the Microsoft platform.
✓ This ASP.NET MVC program shows how to create a model, how to execute controller logic and interact with models via views.
✓ Our training program helps you to understand the basic or foundational ideas behind ASP.NET MVC so you can effectively use this framework.
✓ We start with the basics of creating a new ASP.NET MVC project, rendering web pages and also creating a simple data-entry application.
✓ ASP.NET MVC programs provide students the chance to practice with applications so training is necessary.
✓ This training program covers all basic and advance concepts such as adding references, setting up DI container and starting with the application, preparing database, displaying list of products, adding pagination and styling etc.

ASP.NET MVC Training Goals and Objectives:
✓ The primary goal is to prepare students for a successful professional career in the ASP.NET MVC framework.
✓ To get good knowledge of mvc.
✓ This program contains over 52 lectures and 7.5 hours of content.
✓ Students can learn MVC project structure.
✓ Learn URL Routing, filters, controllers, views in depth.
✓ Also you can learn model binding and validation, also working with Ajax.

Who works in other technology but interested to learn ASP.NET MVC framework, for them online learning platform is best because it saves time and other efforts.

After completion the program, a participant can fluently work on mvc which means you will be able to build real, production-ready, web applications using .net framework.

In simple words the main objective of this program is to make you awesome in ASP.NET MVC framework.

Target Audience for ASP.NET MVC Training
✓ Web developers or programmers just getting into web development
✓ ASP.NET WebForms developers who are interested to learn ASP.NET MVC.
✓ New developers who are interested to learn ASP.NET MVC framework.
✓ ASP.NET MVC beginners who want to learn more about the framework and best practices.
✓ All programmers who want to build web application by using C#.
✓ Students who want to learn ASP.NET framework from scratch
✓ All developers
✓ Users of other MVC framework
✓ Any experienced developer who has worked on ASP.NET web forms application.

This online training program has been prepared for the beginners to help them to understand the basic to advanced concepts of ASP.NET MVC framework.

This online tutorial will bring you at intermediate level of expertise from where you can catch yourself at higher level of expertise.

Pre-requisites for ASP.NET MVC Training
✓ Previous experience is not required
✓ Basic knowledge of Computers required
✓ Knowledge of basic asp concepts
✓ Web Professionals
✓ It is good if you have understanding on the mvc framework or web programming language.
✓ It will be great if you have good understanding on all mvc concepts
✓ Basic knowledge of web application and how internet works.

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