Best Practices for Key Account Management

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Duration: 5 Days
Location: Kenya
Delivery: Onsite course

Course title: workshop on Best Practices for Key Account Management

Organization: Vital Extra Learning

Training venue:                 Abuja, Nigeria

 How to Register:

Date: 15/08/2022 - 19/08/2022 : click here

Date: 10/10/2022 - 14/10/2022 : click here

Phone no: +254707053111

Course Description

Business is evolving rapidly, buyers are getting more sophisticated and technology is being deployed more than ever, creating additional buying channels and great opportunities for the modern key account managers who wishes to maximise revenues and profits. Customers are important, but they are not equally important. Customers have a dizzying array of different needs and are often faced with an overwhelming choice of similar suppliers. Conversely, organizations have very finite resources with which to serve and service these customers. Finding the correct strategy for each and aligning strategy, tactics and resources accordingly is at the heart of this course. A robust, proven and qualitative approach to classifying customers and then developing appropriate strategies for each can be a game changer in many organizations. This training course will develop essential key account management skills, learning how to effectively manage your most valuable existing accounts, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty. This highly engaging and practical training course will prepare all participants to manage key accounts effectively. Developments in technology, shifting markets and increasing pressure on costs are changing the way organizations buy.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

•    Make use of proven strategies and tools to achieve market excellence

•    Implement the total process of key account management

•    Classify all customers according to a proven, qualitative approach and develop strategies and tactics appropriate to all

•    Focus resources, time and attention effectively in the development of key accounts

•    Demonstrate ability and confidence in managing key accounts

•    Demonstrate how to develop an account pipeline for future growth

•    Communicate more effectively with key customers

•    Develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships

Who should enroll?

This training course is recommended for all those responsible for managing face-to-face relationships with customers that have a significant impact on achieving the organization’s business objectives.

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Why train with us

Vital Extra Learning guarantees our clients:

•    State-of-the-art facilities and training infrastructure

•    Extended tradition of hand-holding during post engagement

•    Service delivery through highly seasoned industry experts.

•    Value for money




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