Building High Performance Teams

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Duration: 2 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Team Cohesiveness (also referred to as team cohesion) is the degree to which an individual wants to contribute to a group’s success - and it develops over time out of interpersonal and group-level dynamics. 

Collaboration, respect, trust, communication, constructive conflict, and demonstrating leadership traits (regardless for position) all serve to build a powerful collective within your organisation. 

The question is then, "how do we build high performing teams?

Building the right environment for corporate success is complex - the human factor is such a broad and, at times, vague aspect of what's going on in your enterprise - dynamics are crucial and, importantly, can be developed / improved. 

During the 2 days, you will undertake exercises and activities including psychology and behavioural assessments, facilitated reflection and self-analysis, development of strategies and implementation plans, and more. You can expect to realise such outcomes / outputs as: 
✓ Acquaint yourself with the principles of Team Cohesiveness;
✓ Understand the 6 Work Success Factors;
✓ Recognise the blockers and enablers of cohesion in your organisation;
✓ Explore the creation of self-governing teams;
✓ See the benefit of nurturing leadership traits in all team members; and
✓ Create new and meaningful networks

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