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Duration: Upto 40 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

This is a five-day instructor-led course that focuses on the design, implementation and monitoring of a comprehensive security policy, using Cisco IOS security features and technologies. All IOS examples and 
hands on experience is done using the IOS CLI. IPS is covered at the theoretical level from the perspective of FirePower technologies. Site-to-Site VPN configuration is covered on both IOS and the Cisco ASA. Modern malware examples are provided, cryptographic techniques use stronger hashing and encryption algorithms, and current versions of IOS, Cisco ASA and Cisco AnyConnect are ;​

More labs have been incorporated to ensure the maximum amount of hands on experience possible. There are two types of labs: Discovery and Challenge. A discovery is a guided lab exercise. Explicit directions are provided to the student to guide them through the activity. Along with the directions are scenarios and explanations specifying why the student is implementing the subject technology and the results after configuration are demonstrated.​Challenges, on the other hand, are evaluation labs. The set of tasks is provided to the student, but directions are not provided. There are job aids which the student may utilize, providing information such as IP addresses and command syntax, but no specific description of procedures. An answer key is available for students who wish to verify their techniques. The instructors will of course be on hand to revisit any areas that may need further clarification. Content / Syllabus At Course Completion 

After completing this course, students will learn: 
✓  Describe the current threat landscape 
✓  Secure the management and control planes of network devices 
✓  Describe threat defense technologies 
✓  Secure the management and control planes of network devices 
✓  Configure AAA on Cisco IOS devices 
✓  Implement secure management for the Cisco ASA and Cisco IOS routers and switches 
✓  Secure the control plane 
✓  Secure the management and control planes of network devices 
✓  Implement layer 2 infrastructure security 
✓  Implement layer 2 protocol security 
✓  Configure management access and NAT on the Cisco ASA 
✓  Configure access control and service policies on the Cisco ASA 
✓  Describe IPsec 
✓  Implement a client-based remote access VPN 
✓  Implement a clientless remote access VPN 
✓  Describe IDS and IPS 
✓  Describe endpoint protection 
✓  Describe content security 
✓  Describe advanced network security architectures 

✓  Security Concepts 
✓  Threatscape 
✓  Threat Defense Technologies 
✓  Security Policy and Basic Security Architectures 
✓  Cryptographic Technologies 
✓  Secure Network Devices 
✓  Implementing AAA 
✓  Management Protocols and Systems 
✓  Securing the Control Plane 
✓  Layer 2 Security 
✓  Securing Layer 2 Infrastructure 
✓  Securing Layer 2 Protocols 

✓  Firewall Technologies 
✓  Introducing the Cisco ASA v9.2 
✓  Cisco ASA Access Control and Service Policies 
✓  Cisco IOS Zone Based Firewall 
✓  VPN 

 IPsec Technologies 
✓  Site-to-Site VPN 
✓  Client Based Remote Access VPN 
✓  Clientless Remote Access VPN 
✓  Advanced Topics 

Intrusion Detection and Protection 
✓  Endpoint Protection 
✓  Content Security 
✓  Advanced Network Security Architectures 
Eligibility / Requirements 
Before attending this course, students must have:
• ICND1 - Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 
1 is required. 

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