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AED 1,599

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Duration: 35 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Delivery: Onsite course

CCNA Course In Dubai

✓  Online/ Onsite Staad Pro Training In Dubai

✓  Project Base Training

✓  Hands-On Program

✓  Professional Training Sessions

✓  Job-Oriented Program

Through our CCNA training, learn networking fundamentals and advanced concepts with hands-on practice and simulations to develop your skills.

CCNA Course in Dubai – CCNA Course Online and the Onset Dubai

✓  Proudly trained 2500+ CCNAs in UAE

✓  Over 2000 jobs require Cisco skills in Seek

✓  Average Network Engineer’s salary is AED 95,000

✓  CCNA Certification recognized worldwide

✓  Experienced trainers, world-class facilities

✓  We have over 22 years of training experience

Best CCNA Training Center In Dubai

Learnovate Training Center provides CCNA courses in Dubai and also CCNA Certification in Dubai. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching certified program for entry-level network engineers that helps maximize your investment in foundational networking knowledge and increase the value of your employer’s network.  CCNA certification trains a networking professional’s ability to install and configure Cisco switches and routers in multiprotocol internetworks using LAN and WAN interfaces. Stay Tuned with us so we can provide more info about CCNA Course training in Dubai CCNA course fees in Dubai at learnovate center are very affordable. 

Note: We can provide Visa Processing and Accommodation to all international students as well.

Course Outline(CCNA Course):

Networking Essential

✓  Network and Types of Networks

✓  Characteristics of a Network

✓  Typologies Concepts

✓  Network Hardware Components

✓  Common Threats, OSI Reference Model & TCP-IP Stack

✓  Transport Layer, TCP-UDP Headers

✓  3 Way handshake, Windowing, Packet delivery, and Ethernet Frame

✓  Data Link Layer

✓  Network Cabling

✓  Patching

IP Address & Ports


✓  How Switch Works, Bootup Process & Features

✓  Switch Basic Configuration

✓  Port Security

✓  Introduction & Configuration of VLAN and Trunk

✓  VLAN Trucking Protocol, VTP Pruning

✓  Inter Vlan Routing (Router on a Stick)

✓  Inter Vlan Routing (Multilayer Switch)

✓  Introduction to STP Spanning Tree Protocol 802.1D

✓  Implementing 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Switch Troubleshooting

✓  Troubleshooting VLAN

✓  Upgrade/Downgrade ios

✓  Backup of ios & Configuration Through TFTP Server

✓  Reset the Password of Cisco Switches


✓  How Routers Works, Bootup Process & Features

✓  IPV4 Subnetting

✓  Static Routing & Default-Route

✓  VLSM (Variable Length Subnet mask)

✓  RIP Routing Protocol

✓  RIP Loops and Prevention

✓  Route Aggregation OR Supernetting

✓  Introduction to OSPF Routing Protocol

✓  Configuration of OSPF, Areas, and ABR

✓  Troubleshooting OSPF

✓  IPV6

✓  IPV6 & OSPFV3

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