Certificate in Call Centre Success

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Duration: Upto 30 Hours
Location: United Kingdom
Delivery: Self paced course

The customer is always right, right? Train for spectacular call centre success

Do you work for a call centre dealing with product support or information enquiries? Or, carry out telemarketing? Or, perhaps, make other types of calls on behalf of a charity or political organisation? Or, if not currently, maybe you’re interested in working within this field?Well-trained call centre staff is at the heart of any operation. For many customers or potential customers,

call centre staff are their only contact with an organisation. And, if that contact is positive, courteous, helpful, and professional then that’s of immense benefit to the organisation in terms of reputation, initial and repeat business.

Call centre employees who know how to handle the diverse situations they are faced with, with skill and professionalism, are an asset to any organisation. The employee themselves also benefit in terms of good pay and performance bonuses.

As a leading UK training provider, Global Edulink understands what it takes to shine in this arena and, as such, have formulated a course aimed at equipping you with the skills and confidence to undertake these responsibilities, such as answering questions proficiently, overcoming objections and ultimately, to excel.

In addition, you’ll be taught the importance of corporate social responsibility strategies which encourage companies to make a positive impact on the environment and their stakeholders (which include consumers, employees, communities, investors, and others). You’ll also come to understand: how to develop your professionalism; how customers behave and what they expect; and techniques for more effective communication with customers; all while maintaining a positive attitude.

Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate in Call Centre Success.

Benefits you will gain:
By enrolling in to this course, you’ll get:

✓  High quality e-learning study materials and mock exams.
✓  Tutorials/materials from the industry leading experts.
✓  Includes step-by-step tutorial videos and an effective, professional support service.
✓  24/7 Access to the Learning Portal.
✓  Benefit of applying NUS extra Discount Card.
✓  Recognised Accredited Qualification.
✓  Access Course Content on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.
✓  Study in a user friendly, advanced online learning platform.
✓  Excellent customer service and administrative support.

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