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Duration: 32 Hours
Location: Egypt
Delivery: Onsite course

Introduction to Integration Management
Identity roles of Project Manager and Project Team
Understand key terminologies used in Project Integration Management

Project Scope Management:   
Define project scope and differentiate between project scope and process Scope
Understand key terminologies in the project scope structure
Learn to use the work breakdown structure

Project Time Management:      
Understand project management
Identify the process of project management
Learn the different network analysis techniques

Project Cost Management:        
Understand cost management in a project
Identify and use control accounts
Learn cost budgeting and cost estimation

Project Quality Management:  
Identify the difference between quality planning, assurance, and quality control
Differentiate between the costs of quality
Understand the Six Sigma

Project Human Resource Management:
Identify the role of a functional manager and project manager
Understand organization leadership styles and theories

Project Communications Management:
Understand the methods of communication
Identify the basic communication model and its elements
Describe the communication processes in project management

Project Risk Management:          
Identify risk terms
Understand the risk categories
Learn to calculate risk

Project Procurement Management:     
Understand the difference between centralized and decentralized contracting
Identify contract types

Project Stakeholder Management:       
Understand the skills required for managing stakeholders
Identify the stakeholder classification models


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