Certified Innovation Strategist

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AED 7,650

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Duration: 3 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

This exam preparation course is for those business leaders serious about taking things to the next level. Certified Innovation Strategist® distinguishes you as having the knowledge and ability to drive a focused and intentional innovation strategy fueled by the most promising opportunities for leveraging fresh new business models and delivering world-class customer experiences. It is a valuable professional asset that signifies your ability to use innovation strategically to move a business forward in measurable ways. Here is the outline of this workshop

Setting the Framework – On Relevance
✓  The World’s Challenge – Pace of Change
✓  Survival – Responsive Resilience
✓  On Remaining Relevant
✓  Lives of Business – Shortening
✓  Companies Still Relevant / Companies No Longer Relevant
✓  The First Clue – External Realities / Examples Staying In Tune
✓  Responsive Adaptation
✓  The Mandate for Relevance / Creative Destruction
✓  Responsive Growth Strategy / Example
✓  Using Responsive Growth
✓  Using Innovation for Responsive Growth
✓  Understanding Innovation


Why Innovation?
Innovation Defined
The Significance of Innovation
Why Innovation?
The Point of Business Innovation
Strategic Innovation
Innovation Strategy Prologue


The Four Types of Innovation
The Three Time Frames of Innovation
Foundations of Value & S-Curves (The Innovation Adoption Model)
Becoming Discovery-Driven

10X Breakthrough Innovation
Finding Our Hunting Grounds – The Search for New Opportunity
Establishing High-Level Innovation Strategy

The Strategic Innovation Pathways
The Innovation Strategy Portfolio
The Innovation Strategy Portfolio Mix
Strategic Innovation Vehicles – Driving the Innovation Strategy

Internal R&D (Organic)
Partnerships (Extended Organic)
Corporate Venturing (Inorganic)
Mergers & Acquisitions (Inorganic)
The Strategic Innovation Mapping Matrix

Understanding the Experience Economy

The Experience Economy
Product Enhancement via Experiences (e.g. fitness trackers)
Creating the Flow-Through Experience
Designing New Customer Experiences That Deliver Innovation

Introduction to CXJM
The CX Design Process
Introduction to Business Model Innovation

The Context – Business Model Innovation
Breakthrough Business Innovation Model
The Deeper Impact of Innovation

Innovation – Beyond Offerings
Innovation – Internal Impact
Innovation Grounded in Markets
Innovation – Opportunity to Do Much More
The Reason for Innovation
Rising Tides
Building a Winning Business Plan

Purpose of the business plan
The format of the business plan
Building a Winning Pitch Deck

*Note: The workshop shall be conducted in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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