Certified Manager of Quality/Org. Excellence

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AED 3,150

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Duration: Upto 35 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates, Badghis
Delivery: Onsite course

The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence is a professional who leads and champions process-improvement initiatives—everywhere from small businesses to multinational corporations—that can have regional or global focus in a variety of service and industrial settings

✓  Leadership Organizational Structures
✓  Leadership Challenges Teams and Team Processes
✓  ASQ Code of Ethics
✓  Strategic Plan Development and Deployment Strategic Planning Models
✓  Business Environment Analysis
✓  Strategic Plan Deployment
✓  Management Elements and Methods
✓  Management Skills and Abilities
✓  Management theories and styles
✓  Communication Skills and Abilities
✓  Project Management
✓  Quality System
✓  Quality Models and Theories
✓  Quality Management Tools
✓  Problem-Solving Tools

Process Management Measurement:
✓  Assessment and Metrics
✓  Customer-Focused Organizations
✓  Customer Identification and Segmentation
✓  Customer Relationship
✓  Management Supply
✓  Chain Management
✓  Supplier Selection
✓  Supplier Communications
✓  Supplier Performance
✓  Supplier Improvement
✓  Supplier Certification, Partnerships, and Alliances
✓  Supplier Logistics andMaterial Acceptance
✓  Training and Development
✓  Develop and implement training plans
✓  Use various tools and techniques to develop and implement training needs analysis
✓  Describe and implement various ways of measuring training effectiveness

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