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Duration: 1 to 2 Months
Location: India
Delivery: Onsite course

Why should I take this certification?
Selenium is an open source & one of the most well-known automation testing tool for web applications. It can work with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera & can simulate a human-like behavior. It can interact with different components of a web page & the functionalities of Selenium tests can quickly catch new as well as reappearing old bugs.

Vskills online course will help you learn how to create extremely reliable and stable automation tests with Selenium WebDriver. You'll also learn to design advanced and easy to maintain test automation frameworks with browser factory, Page Object Models, and Selenium Grid from scratch.

This course follows a step-by-step and practical approach to showing you how to create a test automation framework with a real-world example. By the end of this course, you'll be able to write Selenium WebDriver tests within minutes !!

Knowledge of Java and JavaScript programming language is pre-requisite for this certification.

In this certification, you will Study & Learn
✓ Concepts of Test Automation for Web Application
✓ Selenium WebDriver
✓ Advanced WebDriver
✓ Test Design Considerations
✓ Selenium Grid
✓ User-Extensions
✓ Integrations with Selenium

How will I benefit from this certification?
Testing is one of the most important and rewarding jobs and Automated Testing is above that. In this Selenium Training Course, you will learn all the necessary skills to become a successful automation tester.

Selenium Professionals are in great demand & Companies specialising in websites and web-based application testing are constantly hiring knowledgeable professionals.

Software Testing Introduction 

✓  Why to Test Software
✓  Testing Terminology
✓  Test Organization
✓  Software Framework
✓  Test Framework
✓  Test Automation for Web Applications
✓  To Automate or Not to Automate?

Web Development Basics 

✓  Web Application
✓  CSS
✓  Javascript
✓  Document Object Model (DOM)
✓  XPath
✓  Popular Web Browsers
✓  Inspecting Elements in Browser
✓  Java Programming Language

Selenium Introduction 

✓  Introducing Selenium
✓  Brief History of The Selenium Project
✓  Selenium’s Tool Suite
✓  Choosing Selenium Tool
✓  Supported Browsers and Platforms
✓  Flexibility and Extensibility
✓  Test Frameworks Types (Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid Framework)

Selenium WebDriver 

✓  Selenium 3.0
✓  How Does WebDriver ‘Drive’
✓  WebDriver and the Selenium-Server
✓  Setting Up a Selenium-WebDriver Project
✓  Selenium-WebDriver API by Example
✓  Selenium-WebDriver API Commands and Operations
✓  Handling Action Events
✓  Gecko Driver
✓  Firefox Driver
✓  Internet Explorer Driver
✓  Chrome Driver
✓  Opera Driver
✓  iOS Driver
✓  Android Driver
✓  Standalone Selenium Server with RemoteDrivers
✓  RemoteWebDriver

Advanced WebDrive 

✓  AdvancedUserInteractions
✓  Browser Manipulation (Cookies, Profiles and Plugins)
✓  Event Listeners
✓  HTML5
✓  Parallelizing Test Runs
✓  Mobile Web Apps Testing
✓  Parameterization
✓  Read data from Excel sheet
✓  Handle Dynamic Web-elements
✓  Handle Keyboard Events

Test Design Considerations 

✓  Introducing Test Design
✓  Types of Tests
✓  Validating Results
✓  Location Strategies
✓  Wrapping Selenium Calls
✓  UI Mapping
✓  Page Object Design Pattern
✓  Data Driven Testing
✓  Database Validation
✓  Exception Handling
✓  Logging and Reporting


✓  Grid Basics
✓  What is Selenium Grid?
✓  Selenium-Grid 2.0
✓  Selenium-Grid 1.0
✓  How Selenium-Grid Works–With a Hub and Nodes
✓  Installation
✓  Starting Selenium-Grid
✓  Configuring Selenium-Grid
✓  Getting Command-Line Help
✓  Common Errors
✓  Hub Diagnostic Messages


✓  Introduction
✓  Actions
✓  Accessors/Assertions
✓  Locator Strategies

Integrations with Selenium 

✓  Jenkins
✓  AutoIT
✓  Maven
✓  TestNG, Junit
✓  Configuration Management Tools


✓  Selenium 1 (Selenium RC)
✓  Selenium-IDE
✓  Selenium 4 and 5
✓  W3C WebDriver

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