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Is CMI a recognised qualification? is simple question any one can ask. When you see a course like our CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, it can be hard to gather what that means. The question we’re going to be looking at in this post is what the “CMI” means and what sort of qualification you come out of the course with. It’s not a type of qualification – in this case, the qualification is a Level 7 Diploma. I’ve already written about what a level 7 qualification is, so if you’re unsure about that, go back and have a read of that. The CMI here stands for “Chartered Management Institute” – a recognised organisation that represents managers. College of Contract Management in the United Kingdom is a leading course provider worldwide. You can learn more about them at their website. What does it mean? It is, however, still very significant that it is listed as part of the qualification name. What that means is that this is an award the CMI have not only recognised as good, but that they actually issue and award themselves, though we here at the College deliver the actual content. This makes us an Approved Study Centre for the CMI (for a full list of them see their website) – although note that many organisations will use different terminology to describe the same relationship. This provides a real assurance that not only is the course of excellent quality, but that it fits exactly with what the CMI are looking for from their members. The fact that the content aligns with the competencies expected by a leading membership body means that you are assured to cover the areas that are considered important. A course that is so closely aligned with such a body will also often put you on the path to becoming a member of that body yourself as well, which in many industries can make a substantial difference.

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