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Duration: Upto 20 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Healthy interpersonal relationships are central to our happiness, overall well-being, and work place success. Effective communication skills are critical in such interpersonal relationships. This course uses an experiential and self-reflective approach. This course aids participants in the development of personal strengths and self-awareness that contribute to communication skills and positive relationships with others in daily life and in the workplace and provide a solid foundation and indispensable skills for dynamic interpersonal relationships, especially within a workplace environment.

Course Objectives:
✓ Demonstrate an understanding of interpersonal skills as part of effective communication processes
✓ Identify the significance of attitudes, values and perceptions in interpersonal communication
✓ Identify the effects of behaviour on interpersonal communication
✓ Demonstrate a range of effective interpersonal communication skills
✓ Use assertiveness skills
✓ Use interpersonal skills in the workplace team
✓ Maintain a helping relationship with clients
✓ Utilise effective communication skills to build strong relationships
✓ Develop, implement and promote effective communication techniques

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