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Zabeel International Institute of Management & Technology

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AED 1,500

Duration: Upto 12 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Overview of Creative Writing Course
Our Creative Writing course adopts a student-centric approach to develop writing skills. Our Writing course offers a range of strategies to help you develop as a writer.

Our Key emphasis is making this so highly practical oriented, with lots of exercises and activities specially designed to not only to ignite but also sustain the writing instinct.  Also, understand that all narratives are based on ‘telling tales’ and derive from the past when they were not written down. we will help you writing techniques, future creative writers,writing journey.

Who needs the Creative Writing Course?
✓  Free-lance writers
✓  Publishers
✓  Journalists
✓  Beginners / Experienced Writers who want to develop Writing Skills

Learning Outcome
✓  Be able to construct a basic story (modern fable) to tell the class or small group with some confidence.
✓  How to keep an audience engaged with a well-planned story which includes unexpected plot developments.
✓  Thinking through ideas for a group ‘Modern Fable’ based on a series of plot lines and creating a plausible story for the rest of the class to hear.
✓  Understand that the description of characters in narratives heavily influences the reader’s assumptions.
✓  Identify what writers have done to create particular images of character and write some character descriptions of their own.
✓  Understand that the description of places in narratives heavily influences the reader’s understanding of the atmosphere
✓  Identify what writers have done to create a particular spirit of a place and write someplace descriptions of their own
✓  Develop the creative writing knowledge of narrative style through creating an effective start to a modern fable plot
✓  Create an engaging and interesting start to a narrative, making careful choices of language to have a particular effect on readers
✓  Develop the narrative of the modern fable using a variety of sentence starts to continue to engage the reader
✓  Understand that a range of different lengths of sentences will keep the reader interested

Prose: Novel,short story 

✓  Finding ideas
✓  Tips & Techniques
✓  How to overcome writer Bloch
✓  Getting Organized
✓  Writing prompts
✓  Character Development
✓  Creating Stories
✓  Reading from several articles
✓  Reading Suggestions


✓  Essential habits of poets
✓  Poetry prompts
✓  Blogging
✓  Poetry on stage
✓  Types of poetic forms
✓  Reading from several articles
✓  Reading Suggestions

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