Defensive Driving for Heavy Moving Vehicle

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Duration: Upto 8 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Scope (Target Group)
The Course is designed for employees who drive a heavy vehicle within the UAE and for companies who are aiming to reduce their running costs for fleet vehicles.

At the end of the training, the driver should be able to:
Drive the vehicle in a sustainable manner, reducing fuel and maintenance costs.
Perform all pre-driving checks.
Be aware of the qualities of a good driver and what prevents us from being a good driver.
Drive the vehicle safely, lawfully, and correctly whilst interacting with other traffic.
Keep a safe space on all sides of the vehicle in all traffic conditions.
Recognize limitations and distractions
Observe, recognize, and correctly respond to all potential and actual hazards, and use the most effective hazard approach procedure.
Communicate correctly and appropriately with other road users.
Drive the vehicle at a speed commensurate with the condition of the load, road, traffic, and environmental conditions.
Maneuver safely and efficiently into a restricted space.
Understand the specific skills and responsibilities for transporting multiple loads.
Structure of the Course (Course Content)

The syllabus covers:
Driver limitations and distractions
Identifying potential and actual hazards
The SYSTEM of vehicle control
Drive the vehicle in a sympathetic manner, reducing fuel and maintenance costs
Keeping a safe space on all sides of the vehicle in all traffic conditions.

Course Outline
Setting Standards in Safety
Observational techniques and hazard approach procedure.
Road Traffic Law.
Road signs, signals, and markings.

The syllabus (cont)
Signaling, stopping, and maneuvering.
Roundabouts: rules, signaling, lane discipline, conflicts.
Heavy driving, roles, responsibility and load containment
Adverse weather conditions
Emergencies and vehicle checks.

Assessment Theory
There will be interactive class discussions and verbal questioning throughout each lesson.
There will be a written examination in the form of a multiple-choice paper, on which there will be not less than 4 possible answers to each question.
The questions and answers will be written using simple English language to be easily understood by persons who do not use English as a first language.


The practical driving session will be assessed with respect to the measurement of the objectives and their subsets. The driver may be asked simple questions periodically in relation to the driving environment. Briefings will be given relating to specific tasks to be achieved whilst driving. Each driver must be able to successfully perform each of these tasks in order to be recorded as competent.


Hold a valid UAE driving license for a Heavy vehicle


Certification & Approvals
- Approved and Certified by ROSPA UK
BAM - 3rd Party BAM certification.
Validity: 2 Years


Course Duration
1 Day comprising: Theory & Practical


Held at Belhasa Centre Premises, Dubai.
Or at clients' own premises if preferred.

The Client shall provide the heavy vehicle to be used for the practical sessions of driver training.
The heavy vehicle shall be registered and insured in compliance with RTA road traffic law.
The vehicle shall be in a good roadworthy condition; the air-conditioning shall be working correctly, with all other parts fully functioning. It must have a seatbelt for each person, and at the commencement of each practical training, the day shall arrive at the training location with a full tank of fuel.

If the BAM Instructor deems that any motor vehicle does not meet the above requirements, the training session shall be abandoned, and the session shall be invoiced unless a suitable alternative vehicle is readily available.

All delegates will be asked to complete a BAM standard medical questionnaire prior to course commencement.


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