Diploma in Dyslexia Awareness - L3

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Duration: Upto 100 Hours
Location: United Kingdom
Delivery: Self paced course

Dyslexia refers to the learning difficulty that poses problems for a person to read, learn, write or spell. Dyslexia occurs when there is an issue with the way the brain processing graphic symbols. Dyslexia learning difficulty is linguistic rather than visual, and hence, does not imply the lack of intelligence in the person with dyslexia. People with Dyslexia have proven to be brilliant and have excelled greatly in life. It is a neurological condition that is not connected to intelligence.

Dyslexia affects people differently, however, they tend to share the common trait of reading at a slower pace than the normal people of their age. People with Dyslexia are also more prone to develop immunological problems later on. It is important to identify Dyslexia early on in order to provide support and treatment that can lead to long-term improvements. Parents have to keep an eye out for any symptoms of Dyslexia in their children in order to treat them accordingly. Teachers are also equally responsible to identify Dyslexia symptoms in students and to report it to the relevant parties for treatment. This diploma in Dyslexia awareness – level 3 will tremendously benefit parents, teachers, students, job seekers and professionals related to Dyslexia. This diploma will also be worthwhile to anyone willing to be aware on the Dyslexia learning condition. You will be sufficiently introduced to the world of Dyslexia through this diploma. You will be taught on how to identify Dyslexia and its symptoms. You will also get to glance through the co-occurring conditions of dyslexia. This diploma will walk you through how to diagnose Dyslexia and how to promote a dyslexia-friendly learning environment. You will also get into terms with the solutions for dyslexia. By the end of this diploma, you will walk away with valuable knowledge on the awareness of Dyslexia and will be on your way to help your loved ones and others facing dyslexia.

Who is this Course aimed at?
✓ Parents
✓ Teachers
✓ Students
✓ Job seekers
✓ Professionals dealing with Dyslexia patients
✓ Anyone willing to learn about Dyslexia

Entry Requirement   
Learners should be age 19 or over, and must have a basic understanding of Maths, English, and ICT.
A recognised qualification at level 2 or above in any discipline.

Method of Assessment
In order to complete the Diploma in Dyslexia awareness – level 3 successfully and gain your professional qualification, all students are required to complete a series of assignments. The completed assignments must be submitted via the online portal. Your instructor will review and evaluate your work and provide your feedback based on how well you have completed your assignments.

Those who successfully completed the course will be awarded the “Level 3 Diploma in Dyslexia Awareness” by ABC Awards and a learner unit summary (which contains the details of the units in your course you have completed). This professional qualification will make you an asset to potential employers and your motivation and commitment to excel your skills will be recognised.

Access Duration
The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.

Progression and Career Path
This diploma in Level 3 Dyslexia awareness is sure to help you land a rewarding job position related to Dyslexia. This diploma could also be the qualification that paves way for your career progression and higher studies in dyslexia. Below given are few of the job positions you can secure with this diploma,
✓ Psychiatrist
✓ Registered nurse
✓ Dyslexia specialist
✓ Dyslexia interventionist
✓ Dyslexia teacher

Other jobs you can get
✓ Dyslexia awareness coordinator
✓ Dyslexia awareness social worker
✓ Dyslexia assessment specialist

Other Benefits
✓ Written and designed by the industry’s finest expert instructors with over 15 years of experience
✓ Repeat and rewind all your lectures and enjoy a personalised learning experience
✓ Unlimited 12 months access from anywhere, anytime
✓ Save time and money on travel
✓ Learn at your convenience and leisure
✓ Eligible for a NUS discount card
✓ Free Career Support Service
✓ 25% Discount on personal Statement and covering letter writing service
✓ Free Access to Over 150 courses for 2 days (48 hours)
✓ Free access to course before you purchase (For selected courses only)


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