Electrical Safety Awareness

Harley Oxford

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Duration: Upto 20 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

Understand the health and safety issues presented by the use of electricity in the workplace by enrolling on this accessible entry-level course. Electricity is an essential part of everyday working life for a great number of people. However, because it's in such wide and regular use, it's all too easy to forget just how dangerous electricity can be if the proper precautionary measures aren't adhered to. That's why it's so essential for workers whose jobs require them to use electricity on a regular basis, to equip themselves with the most up-to-date information regarding safe working practices.

This course includes:
This entry-level awareness course provides students with a general, but nonetheless essential, understanding of how to use electricity in the workplace in a safe and effective way.
It equips delegates with the ability to identify potential safety hazards, and the skills to able to implement preventative and precautionary measures.
The practical knowledge gained can be applied in both a workplace and domestic environment.

Who will benefit most from this course?
✓  It is an ideal training option for those working across a broad range of industries and sectors including construction, mechanics, beauty, education, IT and manufacturing, to name but a few.
✓  It is perfect for those looking to increase their knowledge base, improve their practical ability and help promote a safer working environment for themselves and others.
✓  Enables those looking to hire contractors for commercial/industrial/domestic construction projects to make informed and sensible decisions while choosing to employ, this could significantly reduce the time scale and financial costs involved.

By the end of the course, students will have:
✓  Gained basic knowledge of what hazards and risks are associated with the use of electricity in the workplace.
✓  Knowledge of the practical use, and application of, health and safety best practices in the workplace and/or a domestic environment.
✓  Understand what preventative measures can be implemented and what precautions should be taken to prevent electrical shock from occurring.

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