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Duration: Upto 24 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

People believed that electronic archiving or Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is the process of converting documents, paper documents to electronic documents by scanning through scanners and storage through storage media circulation.

According to this belief, many Government and private enterprises believes in no doubt that you archive all of their files and paper documents and are ready to enter the digital world and electronic government waged.

Fundamentals of EDRMS 

✓  Legislative Issues
✓  The Difference between Documents and Records
✓  Electronic Record Keeping
✓  Basic Components of Electronic Document Management Systems
✓  Basic Components of Record Management Systems
✓  The Complete EDRMS

Complying with Standards and Legislation 

✓  ISO Compliance
✓  Designing and Implementing Record-Keeping Systems
✓  Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records
✓  Compliant Systems
✓  Other Acts of Law and Regulations Impacting on Electronic Records

Creating Electronic Document Types 

✓  Gathering Requirements for Defining Electronic Documents
✓  Defining Electronic Document Types
✓  Defining Metadata for Searching and Retrieval Methods
✓  Defining Metadata for the Health and Safety Accident Document
✓  Using Mandatory Fields to Define Metadata
✓  Specifying Metadata Field Types
✓  Analyzing Each Part of the Form to Derive Metadata
✓  Standard Metadata Fields
✓  The Completed Metadata Definition

Creating the Folder Structure 

✓  The Organizational Structure
✓  Property-Based Folder Structures
✓  Business-Based Folder Structure
✓  Project-Based Folder Structure
✓  Which Folder Structure to Choose
✓  The Hybrid Approach

Search and Retrieval 

✓  Searching a Document or Records Content
✓  Basic Searches
✓  Advanced Searches
✓  Designing Search Screens and Displaying Search Results
✓  Administrative Search Functions — Reporting

Integrating Workflow 

✓  How and When Should Workflow Be Integrated?
✓  Workflow Process Mapping
✓  Starting at the Beginning — The Post Room
✓  Setting Up the Post Room
✓  What Do We Do with Direct Marketing Materials?
✓  The Starting Point for Documents with Workflow
✓  Work Queues
✓  Archiving Letters
✓  Keeping an Audit Trail
✓  Running Reports

E-mail Management 

✓  How to Manage E-mails
✓  Corporate E-mail Policy
✓  E-mail Is Not an IT Issue; It’s a Business Issue
✓  Laws, Regulatory Compliance, and E-mails
✓  Classifying and Indexing E-mails
✓  The E-mail Document Type
✓  Searching and Retrieving E-mails
✓  Retaining E-mails

Records Management and Records Management Policies 

✓  What Constitutes a Record?
✓  When Do Documents Become Records?
✓  Retention Schedules
✓  Off-Line Storage Media
✓  Archiving
✓  Security

User Interfaces, Mobile Working and Remote Access 

✓  Advantages of the Windows Client
✓  Disadvantages of the Windows Client
✓  Advantages of the Web Client
✓  Disadvantages of the Web Client
✓  Aspects of Good User Interface Design

Scanning Historical Documents and Records 

✓  Processes
✓  Training Needs of Scanning and Indexing Personnel
✓  Quality Assurance
✓  Running the Processes in Parallel

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