End-End Supply Chain Management

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AED 15,694

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Duration: Upto 10 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

This Zoe training course will empower you with the entire gamut of skills required to effectively manage a supply chain end to end, having complete visibility of all stages with all entities involved. Undertaking this course will enhance your skills and capabilities to independently handle the procurement, manufacturing and delivery processes of the supply chain for your organisation, thereby ensuring timely delivery of goods and customer satisfaction. The knowledge and information gained through this course will increase your confidence and capabilities to handle roles of higher responsibilities for your organisation.

Course Objectives
✓  The main objective of this training is to empower professionals with—
✓  Detailed information and knowledge of the entire supply chain, from start to end
✓  The skill and capabilities to not just understand various processes of the supply chain but also have complete visibility to prevent wastage of material and delay in supply of goods to customers
✓  The knowledge, confidence and experience to identify any gaps in the processes of the supply chain and act to resolve These to prevent impact to the end process of delivery in terms of timelines and quality
✓  The skillset, confidence and capabilities to undertake the responsibility of overseeing the entire supply chain, end to end, and successfully fulfil these, thereby demonstrating your potential for career progression
✓  The adequate ability to contribute to organisational growth and development through reduced costs because of lesser wastage and greater client satisfaction through timely delivery of quality goods
✓  The confidence and expertise to train other professionals on aspects critical for efficient supply chain management
an enhanced skillset to work in any process of the supply chain, thus increasing dynamism as professionals

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