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AED 3,000

Duration: 1 Week
Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Delivery: Onsite course

About Program
✓ Total duration 1 week
✓ Classroom session
✓ Online
✓ Self study/distance learning
✓ Entry requirements: – 12 years of schooling and above preferred (A level, 0 Level)

Fashion marketing course
The course provides an understanding of all the main areas of fashion marketing and retailing, from global markets, exhibitions analysis and product manufacturing to consumer behavior, fashion buying and fashion forecasting with 3 main levels: High fashion, Ready to wear and Mass Fashion markets.

Course content
✓ Fashion market: Develop an understanding of fashion market, fashion product life cycle and fashion levels (High fashion, demi-couture, ready-to wear, mass fashion)
✓ Fashion products manufacturing: Understand how garments are sketched, constructed, manufactured
✓ Fashion semi products buying: Understand the importance of fashion yarns and fabrics in formal exhibitions
✓ Fashion products quality management: Compare the quality of clothing according to fashion levels and quality standards
✓ Fashion predictions: Identify the components of fashion forecast procedure, fashion trends classification and characteristics
✓ Fashion marketing strategies: Cause-related marketing/social marketing, limited editions, diffusion lines, capsule collections
✓ Fashion retail business strategy: Understand the principles of fashion retail and develop an understanding of mono brand, multi brand stores and flagship stores concepts

The course is open to students, graduates and professionals who are interested in the field of fashion, interested to acquaire news skills, expertise so they can work in  fashion field. Fashion entrepreneurs, designers, fashion marketers, fashion buyers, service providers industry of clothing, footwear and accessories, fashion stylists and editors. Specialists from different disciplines that are not in the industry but are interested to enter the world of fashion

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