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Duration: Upto 20 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

This finance course for the non-financial manager is designed for business owners, managers and other professionals who need an understanding of the financial drivers of the business. This finance course provides an introduction to the concepts underlying external financial accounting and internal management accounting. You'll be introduced to the skills necessary to prepare, interpret and analyse financial statements, including balance sheet, profit and loss statements and will gain an insight into how your business decisions impact the financial reports of your company.

In this finance course, we will also cover budgeting, costing and key performance indicators, and clarify the often misunderstood area of accrual accounting.
Understanding The Workings Of Finance:
✓  How finance operates within an organisation.
✓  Examining the nature and purpose of financial statements, annual reports and management reports.


Financial And Accounting Fundamentals:
✓  Balance sheet and profit and loss account.
✓  Understanding accounting terminology.
✓   Key accounting concepts: General ledger and trial balance; Income and expenditure; Assets and liabilities.

Accrual Accounting In Practice:
✓   What is accrual accounting?
✓  Depreciation and
✓  Prepayments.

Learn How To Read Financial Statements:
✓  What can you discover about your company - and your competitors?
✓  Understanding how financial statements are related.
✓  What can you learn from the Financial Review?


Introducing Financial Ratios:
✓  Learning to use the tools of the trade.
✓  Profitability and efficiency.
✓  Working capital and liquidity.
✓  Share prices, dividends and gearing.
✓  Identifying strengths and weaknesses of real companies.


Managing Cash:
✓   Understanding cash flow statements.
✓  Identifying the working capital requirements of your business.


Management Accounting:
✓   Costing principles.
✓   Direct vs indirect costs
✓  Fixed and variable costs.

Costing and Pricing:
✓  How costs impact your business.
✓  Break-even analysis.
✓  Balancing price and volume.


Budgeting And Forecasting:
✓   Making strategic decisions.
✓  Using financial reports to predict future performance.
✓  Identifying key information for business planning.
✓   Who should enrol in this certificate?
✓  Anyone new to financial concepts and finance technique.
✓  Executives who wish to update their knowledge of basic finance and accounting functions.
✓  Individuals with backgrounds in creative, scientific, or technical fields.

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