Financial Modeling of Siemens AG


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Duration: Upto 8 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

This course is very useful for the people who are into financial modeling domain – including students and professionals. This course gives a brief idea about the revenue and cost drivers, forecasting the future financials and the stock price recommendation.

This course gives a career prospect to the students who are planning to get a financial analyst job in any brokerage and KPOs. Also it boosts sector expertise of the seasoned professionals who are already working in the financial service domain.

The course is structured to building a financial model from the scratch. In the first section, we go step by step about how to prepare a financial model, starting from data punching to forecasting the future numbers. Also, we talk about sector and economic research reports and their components.

Materials included in the course are company financials, which are taken from the company websites. Apart from that, we have explained the steps in Microsoft power point and used Microsoft excel for building the financial model.

Course Objective:
✓ To study steps of building financial model
✓ To enhance the sector expertise

Target Customers:
✓ Students
✓ Professionals
✓ Financial analysts
✓ Anyone who wants to learn financial modeling and report writing on real estate sector

✓ Basic knowledge of financial accounting, ratios
✓ Concepts of financial management, valuation methodologies
✓ Basic knowledge on Microsoft excel and word

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