Fire Marshall Awareness

Harley Oxford

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Duration: Upto 15 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

Discover the importance of fire marshalling in relation to a company's emergency response plan should a fire break out in a person's place of work. Understand the role of a fire marshal or warden should a fire be discovered in a workplace environment, and learn what the responsibilities are of those assisting them in this task.

This course is for:
✓  Those whose jobs require them to assist in the task of fire marshalling and/or who functions as part of an organisation's emergency response to fire in the workplace.
✓  Anyone who wishes to increase their awareness of fire safety in the workplace and improve their knowledge of fire safety regulations.

By the end of this entry-level Fire Marshall Awareness course students will:
✓  Recognise the importance of fire safety in the workplace.
✓  Have increased awareness of the fundamentals of fire safety legislation.
✓  Understand the nature of fire including the combustion process and how this can cause fire to spread.
✓  Be able to identify suitable fire prevention and protection measures.
✓  Know how to effect a safe evacuation in the event of a fire taking place.
✓  Appreciate why it is so essential that every company/business/organisation has appropriate fire safety procedures in place.
✓  Recognise the importance of ensuring that all staff members understand their individual responsibilities in the event of a fire being discovered.
✓  Teaches students the importance of understanding, as well as adhering to, fire safety regulations.
✓  How a practical approach to fire safety in the workplace can help to protect all those working within any given company/business/organisation and across a broad range of industries and sectors.
✓  The vital role that fire marshals and/or wardens play in protecting staff members from the risks associated with fire in the workplace.
✓  Allows students to identify and reduce risks, and help to promote a safer working environment for all members of staff within an organisation.
✓  Learn about the importance of fire safety awareness and how this awareness can be practically applied in a workplace context.

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