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AED 1,000

AED 1,500

Duration: Upto 1 Month
Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Delivery: Online and Onsite course

Learning French may provide its students with a significant amount of aesthetic pleasure. Just try to picture yourself being able to communicate naturally in the language that "Edit Piaf" sings in her songs!

In addition to this, French is the only language outside English that is taught in each and every country on the face of the earth. France is home to the largest network of cultural institutes found elsewhere in the world, and these institutes are responsible for providing instruction in French to about one million students.

On the worldwide job market, having a command of both French and English is an invaluable skill to possess. The ability to speak French paves the way for employment opportunities with French businesses in France and other French-speaking regions of the world. France is an important economic partner not only because it has one of the largest economies in the world but also because it is a prominent destination for international investment.

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