Korean Language-Basics

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Duration: Upto 20 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

This Course enables participants to learn basic korean listening, speaking, reading and writing through visually engaging videos and through historical learning of the Korean Culture. This will also help students to build a foundation on korean language who wish to pursue higher education or work in the Republic of Korea.

Course Objectives:
✓ Understand the Korean Alphabets (Hangul) and its origin.
✓ Students learn about the basic pronunciation and structure of the Korean language to acquire basic communication skills.
✓ Students learn communication skills necessary for everyday conversations and learn to speak in both formal and informal settings.
✓ Students learn Korean language skills necessary for everyday life such as greetings others, introducing themselves, ordering food, purchasing goods, making phone calls, taking public transportation, and going to the bank.
✓ Students ask and answer questions about familiar topics such as family, hobbies, sports, seasons, travel and experiences.



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