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If you are thinking about how to learn algebra fast, look no further: this course is only a little over an hour long and can teach all the basic algebra you need to know. Even though this is a video tutorial, I encourage you to pause and take the time to try to do the exercises together with me. Each lecture will build upon the last one so little by little you will go from introduction to algebra to fully master algebra basics. This is what we are going to explore:

Working with variables and their expressions;
Learning grouping symbols, nested grouping, expressions without grouping symbols;
Learning about equations and formulas;
Translating words into symbols: how you can mark up different words so you can later understand them in equations;
Translating sentences and problems into equations: how you can mark up your sentences and problems so they would form a mathematical equation you can solve;
Using a 3 steps problem-solving plan that will help with word problems.
These algebra lessons for beginners might sound complicated, but do not worry: I will explain everything gradually, so with each basic algebra lesson, you will know a little more. After a little after one hour, you will know your algebra basics, and you will be done with this introduction to algebra (if you choose to enroll in it, of course). So, let’s make learning algebra for beginners fun!


Stop asking ""how can I learn algebra?"" and join my course!

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