MS Office Professional

Zabeel International Institute of Management & Technology

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AED 1,600

Duration: Upto 24 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Who needs the course?
Students, Job seekers, Housewives, Office Goers

Detailed Course Content:
According to the office systems, this certificate valuates the important and the required information technology skills and it is available with two levels, primary level and advanced level. This program is considered a speed and active way to gain skills in the major of Information Technology. As it is built on advanced experience, its main objective is to increase the ability level use computer system

Session 1
✓  What is Microsoft Office?
✓  What are the Versions in Microsoft Office?
✓  Microsoft Office edition comparison.
✓  What are the applications have in Microsoft Office?
✓  Using and customizing the Microsoft Office interface.

Session 2
✓  Microsoft Office Word document interface
✓  Document Views and zooming, Multiple Document
✓  Windows
✓  Entering, editing, and formatting text
✓  Entering and selecting text
✓  Inserting special characters
✓  Date and time
✓  Entering Hyperlinks
✓  Applying text formatting
✓  Working with styles
✓  Cut, Copy and Paste
✓  Using the clipboard with office programs
✓  Using office themes

Session 3
✓  Finding and replacing text and formatting
✓  Navigating document
✓  Checking spelling
✓  Using tabs
✓  Working with Illustrations and pictures, and WordArt

Session 4
✓  Adding Headers and Footers , and Page Numbers

Session 5
✓  Advanced Documentation
✓  Formatting Columns and Sections
✓  Working with Tables
✓  Inserting References to other Parts of a Document
✓  Drop Cap

Session 6
✓  Mail Merge
✓  Print a Document
✓  Using Building Block, Auto Text
✓  Comments
✓  Tracking and Highlighting Changes Made to Document
✓  Protecting a Document

Session 7
✓  Managing Office Files
✓  Supported file formats in Word 2010
✓  Checking for compatibility with earlier office versions
✓  Open and saving document
✓  Using templates to streamline document creation
✓  Organizing Microsoft Office documents using file
✓  properties and details
✓  Backup and recovery option
✓  Restoring previous versions saved be auto recover

Session 8
✓  Microsoft Office Excel Document and interface
✓  Entering and Filling in Data and Series and Custom
✓  List
✓  Inserting and Hiding rows, columns and sheets
✓  Using Formulas and Functions
✓  Define Name
✓  Cell references
✓  Formatting cells and ranges, applying styles
✓  Number formatting

Session 9
✓  Mastering excel’s Built in factions
✓  Text, logical, financial, and lookup etc

Session 10
✓  Chart and Data Analysis
✓  Creating and customizing chart
✓  Advanced Chart formatting options
✓  Using conditional formatting

Session 11
✓  Managing Lists and Data
✓  Sorting, Filtering and outlining data
✓  Creating and formatting Table

Session 12
✓  Creating and customizing PivotTable Reports
✓  Importing, exporting and connecting data sources

Session 13
✓  Finding, Editing, moving, copying and paste special
✓  Data validation
✓  Customizing the worksheet view
✓  Arranging worksheet windows
✓  Splitting, freezing and locking panes
✓  Printing a Worksheet
✓  Advanced Protection for the document
✓  Supported file formats in Excel 2010
✓  Microsoft Office Power Point and interface
✓  Entering the presentation text
✓  Presentation View Options
✓  Adding action buttons
✓  Master View

Session 14
✓  Adding Graphics and video Clips
✓  Applying Themes
✓  Adding backgrounds

Session 15
✓  Adding Animations
✓  Setting Animation timing and options
✓  Using Transitions Between slides
✓  Recording Narrations
✓  Navigating in slide show view

Session 16
✓  Printing presentations
✓  Creating notes and handouts
✓  Printing notes and handouts
✓  Creating photo albums
✓  Creating video from presentation
✓  Supported file formats in Power Point 2010
✓  Save options and compressing file

Session 17
✓  Microsoft Office outlook and interface
✓  Outlook items
✓  E-mail Messages, Appointments, Meeting, Contacts
✓  Task, Notes, Personalizing interface
✓  Customizing the navigation pane
✓  Organizing To-Do bar, Setting up mail accounts
✓  Sending and receiving Messages
✓  Managing contacts and groups

Session 18
✓  Managing your calendar
✓  Adding and editing email signature
✓  Managing outlook data file and folders
✓  Managing data files
✓  Mastering outlook search
✓  Using rules to Manage Message Automatically

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