Multithreading in Java


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Duration: Upto 9 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

✓ This Course is about multi threading and concurrency concepts in Java.
✓ This Course is about threads and their application in Java programming Language. This Explains from basics to advance level about threads and their application.
✓ This course has a lot of examples wherever needed. This will develop your interest in Threads and concurrency in Java.
✓ This course contains topics like concurrency models, critical sections, immunity, Thread safety, Synchronization, Volatile keyword and Deadlocks.
✓ This course also tells you about problems of multi threaded applications and their solutions for the same.
✓ Finally at the end you will get to know about non-blocking algorithms and their significance in Programming world.

If this course is taken properly by practising all small concepts , you will definitely be able to create complex multi threaded and concurrent applications.

Java – Multithreading and Concurrency Course requirements:
✓ Basics of Java and Object Oriented Programming
✓ Passion to learn threads and concurrency in Java

What am I going to get from this Java – Multithreading and Concurrency course?
✓ Over 60 lectures and 11 hours of content!
✓ To make you completely aware of all facts about threads and concurrency
✓ After this course you can easily write complex multi-threaded application in Java.

Java – Multithreading and Concurrency Course Target Audience?
✓ Students
✓ Professionals
✓ Java Programmers who are keen to learn multi threading concepts.
✓ Professionals working in enterprise projects in MNC’s.
✓ Students who are keen in learning concurrency and multi threading concepts.

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