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Duration: 80 Hours
Location: Egypt
Delivery: Onsite course

Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR):

Topics :

Explain the different design principles used in an enterprise network
Analyze the design principles of a WLAN deployment
Differentiate between on-premises and cloud infrastructure deployments
Explain the working principles of the Cisco SD-WAN solution
Explain the working principles of the Cisco SD-Access solution
Describe concepts of wired and wireless QoS
Differentiate hardware and software switching mechanisms
Describe device virtualization technologies
Configure and verify data path virtualization technologies
Describe network virtualization concepts
Layer 2
Layer 3
IP Services
Network Assurance
Diagnose network problems using tools such as debugs, conditional debugs, traceroute, ping, SNMP, and Syslog
Configure and verify device monitoring using Syslog for remote logging
Configure and verify NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow
Configure and verify SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN
Configure and verify IPSLA
Describe Cisco DNA Center workflows to apply network configuration, monitoring, and management
Configure and verify NETCONF and RESTCONF
Configure and verify device access control
Configure and verify infrastructure security features
Describe REST API security
Configure and verify wireless security features
Describe the components of network security design
Interpret basic Python components and scripts
Construct valid JSON encoded file
Describe the high-level principles and benefits of a data modeling language, such as YANG
Describe APIs for Cisco DNA Center and vManage
Interpret REST API response codes and results in payload using Cisco DNA Center and RESTCONF
Construct EEM applet to automate configuration, troubleshooting, or data collection
Compare agents vs. agentless orchestration tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack
Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI):

Implementing EIGRP
Optimizing EIGRP
Troubleshooting EIGRP
Implementing OSPF
Optimizing OSPF
Troubleshooting OSPF
Implementing Internal Border Gateway Protocol (IBGP)
Optimizing BGP
Implementing MP-BGP
Troubleshooting BGP
Configuring Redistribution
Troubleshooting Redistribution
Implementing Path Control
Exploring MPLS
Introducing MPLS L3 VPN Architecture
Introducing MPLS L3 VPN Routing
Configuring Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)-Lite
Implementing DMVPN
Implementing DHCP
Troubleshooting DHCP
Introducing IPv6 First Hop Security
Securing Cisco Routers
Troubleshooting Infrastructure Security and Services
Configure EIGRP Using Classic Mode and Named Mode for IPv4 and IPv6
Verify the EIGRP Topology Table
Configure EIGRP Stub Routing, Summarization, and Default Routing
Configure EIGRP Load Balancing and Authentication
LAB: Troubleshoot EIGRP Issues
Configure OSPFv3 for IPv4 and IPv6
Verify the Link-State Database
Configure OSPF Stub Areas and Summarization
Configure OSPF Authentication
Troubleshoot OSPF
Implement Routing Protocol Redistribution
Manipulate Redistribution
Manipulate Redistribution Using Route Maps
Troubleshoot Redistribution Issues
Implement PBR
Configure IBGP and External Border Gateway Protocol (EBGP)
Implement BGP Path Selection
Configure BGP Advanced Features
Configure BGP Route Reflectors
Configure MP-BGP for IPv4 and IPv6
Troubleshoot BGP Issues
Implement PBR
Configure Routing with VRF-Lite
Implement Cisco IOS DMVPN
Obtain IPv6 Addresses Dynamically
Troubleshoot DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Issues
Troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 Access Control List (ACL) Issues
Configure and Verify Control Plane Policing
Configure and Verify Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF)
Troubleshoot Network Management Protocol Issues: Lab 1
Troubleshoot Network Management Protocol Issues: Lab 2


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