Oracle Java SE-ADF Developer

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AED 4,800

Duration: 120 Hours
Location: Egypt
Delivery: Onsite course

Java SE 11 Programmer I (40 Hours)
Developing Applications for the Java EE 7 Workshop (20 Hours)
Build Rich Client Applications with ADF (60 Hours)

Java SE 11 Programmer I:
What is a Java Program
Creating a Java Main class
Data in the Cart
Managing Multiple Items
Describing Objects and Classes
Manipulating and Formatting the Data in Your Program
Creating and Using Methods
Using Encapsulation
More on Conditionals
More on Arrays and Loops
Using Inheritance
Using Interfaces
Handling Exceptions
Deploying and Maintaining the Soccer Application
Understanding Modules

Build Rich Client Applications with ADF:
Introduction to Oracle ADF and JDeveloper
Building a Business Model with ADF Business Components
Creating Data-Bound UI Components
Defining Task Flows and Adding Navigation
Declaratively Customizing ADF Business Components
Validating User Input
Modifying Data Bindings Between the UI and the Data Model
Adding Functionality to Pages
Adding Advanced Features to Task Flows and Page Navigation
Passing Values Between UI Elements
Responding to Application Events
Programmatically Implementing Business Service Functionality
Implementing Transactional Capabilities
Building Reusability into Pages
Achieving the Required Layout
Debugging ADF Applications
Implementing Security in ADF Applications
Deploying ADF BC Applications

Developing Applications for the Java EE 7 Platform Workshop:
Introduction to Java EE Technology
Showing the meaning of the Client-Server Model
Creating Java Web Applications Using Servlets
Creating Java Web Applications Using JSPs
Developing Web Applications Using JavaServer Faces
Using Java Bean Classes in a Web application
Showing the meaning of Design Pattern
Using the MVC Model as one of Design Patterns
Using JDBC for connecting Java applications to Databases
Using Oracle Database as a back end layer in Java Web applications
Securing Java EE Applications


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