Paradoxical Leadership

Pentapyramid FZ-LLC

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Duration: 2 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Leadership success is already a tough proposition in normal times. What are leaders to do when their companies are faced with uncertainty, complex issues and ambiguous situations that occur rapidly? Coined by the military, this is known as VUCA – “Volatility”, “Uncertainty”, “Complexity” and “Ambiguity”.

Digital era leaders need to see the world through different lenses and adopt a paradoxical leadership style that gives them strategic agility. It demands that they display ease and comfort when dealing with tensions (paradoxes) and that they face anxiety and defensiveness head-on in order to achieve success and sustainability. Managing such paradoxes creates innovation, new insights and creative opportunities for businesses in this new global landscape.

Workshop Objectives:
✓ Explore VUCA leadership and how it applies to the business environment
✓ Understand and adopt Paradoxical Thinking
✓ Learn to address tensions as paradoxes rather than trade-offs or compromise
✓ Understand the 5 Paradoxical Leadership practices
✓ Explore own Leadership Paradoxes to identify areas of development

Workshop Outline:
✓ VUCA Leadership
✓ Paradoxes – Creating Strategic Vision and Mindful Agility
✓ What is Paradoxical Thinking?
✓ 5 Paradoxical Leadership Practices
✓ Managing Paradoxes (Tensions)
✓ Approaches to Strategic Tensions
✓ Harrison Paradoxical Leadership Competencies

Learning Outcomes:
✓ Understand one’s strongest traits is not necessarily one’s greatest strengths
✓ Understand that one’s strongest trait could potentially be a derailer
✓ Embrace the “and” mentality
✓ Recognize that Paradox is vital for high performance
✓ Proactively identify and raise constructive tensions to stretch innovation and creativity
✓ Avoid traps of anxiety and defensiveness by being competent, confident, gaining trust and taking risk
✓ Consistently communicate a ""both/and vision""
✓ Integrate and allow separate efforts to focus on both sides of paradoxes in strategic decision-making.

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