Passenger Hoist Operator

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Duration: 5 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Hoists are used on many construction sites to vertically transport passengers and materials. Hoist types can vary from a single cage or a twin cage on a rack and pinion mounted on two sides of a hoist tower. They are usually controlled within the cage, and there must be additional safety devices to prevent over-run or free-fall, operator hoist training is essential in passenger safety.

Training Topics     
Hoist training courses cover the following:
✓ Different types of hoists, Basic construction and Components
✓ The purpose and use of controls
✓ Comply with manufacturer instructions
✓ Checking the hoist is serviceable and stable for safe operation prior to use
✓ Checking gates and safety devices are functioning as per operational specification
✓ Check that the hoist capacity will cater for expected loads or passenger numbers
✓ How to load and unload materials using correct manual handling techniques.
✓ How to carry out all pre-use running checks
✓ How to carry out emergency lowering procedures according to machine type
✓ Travel the hoist to the limits of operation (full travel range)
✓ Recognise and respond to given instructions
✓ Keep within safe working parameters
✓ Place the hoist in an out-of-service condition, isolate and secure the hoist
✓ Explain limitations of use when using the hoist

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