Performance Management and Appraisal

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Duration: Upto 2 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Define Performance Management
What information requirements and select software
Use performance management systems for strategic purposes
Align your organisation's mission, strategy and internal performance
Apply tools and approaches to measure organisational performance
Monitor and sustain performance measurement systems
Understand core management concepts and apply them strategically
Appreciate the importance of effective communications and EI
What is a ‘balanced score card does it work for your organisation?
Incorporating communications planning and change management into the scorecard process
Use an organisational assessment to set vision, mission, and strategy
Understand who your customers and stakeholders are and what they need from your organisation

Course Outline
✓ Opening Session
✓ Clarity on the rationale for action and implementation ‘’THE HERE AND NOW’’
✓ What is performance?
✓ How to manage performance?

Management objectives types and use of
“Managing Without Objectives Is Like Taking A Trip Without Knowing The Destination”
✓ Strategic
✓ Tactical
✓ Qualative
✓ Quantitative
✓ Decision orientated
✓ Routine
✓ Personal

Performance Management as one of the keystones of Talent Management.

✓ Succession Planning,
✓ Leadership Development,
✓ Workforce Planning
✓ Recruitment

Risk and Crisis Management
✓ Identify all risks, evaluate potential impact and mitigate accordingly
✓ Incorporate strategic flexibility to respond to internal and external changes and pressures
✓ Prevent issues becoming risks then turning into crises
✓ Create, practice and be prepared to implement crisis plans

Prevent Failure of Strategies
✓ Recruit and retain people with appropriate skills, experience and track record
✓ Clarify and communicate roles and responsibilities
✓ Encourage creative problem-solving and constructive conflict resolution
✓ Promote unity within teams and harmony between teams

Skills for Success
✓ Communication, including: presentations, meetings, oral, listening, body language and written
✓ Delegation to increase productivity
✓ Negotiation and influencing skills for a win-win for all
✓ Time management for minimum effort to produce maximum results

What is Performance Appraisal and how should it be implemented?
Is Performance Appraisal still relevant?
Should we also consider Contribution Review
Course Materials
Case Studies
Role play a feedback session
Role paly a feed forward session

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