Professional Certificate in Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Duration: Upto 24 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Contract Negotiation
Global Logistics
Legal Aspects of Purchasing
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Price and Cost Analysis in Purchasing
Transportation and Traffic Management.
Current Issues and Case Studies in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.
Inventory Management
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Procurement and Subcontract Management
General principles of negotiation, covering both the discipline and techniques.

Establishing contract negotiation objectives
✓ Forming the negotiating team
✓ Selection of site and timing
✓ Planning negotiation strategies
✓ Conducting negotiation
✓ Closing the negotiation and reviewing outcomes
✓ Study globalization and the impact it is having on local and regional logistics.

✓ Import/export requirements
✓ Transporting materials and goods overseas
✓ Currency exchange
✓ Banking
✓ Tariffs
✓ International Trade under NAFTA, WTO, etc.
✓ Evaluate techniques, analysis and research methods in choosing suppliers.

Estimating, budgeting and financial control
✓ Data required for cost and price determination
✓ Price indices
✓ Improvement curves
✓ Labor mix
✓ Rate projection
✓ Explore transportation and traffic management principles and techniques including truck, ship, rail, air and intermodal.


Selecting carriers
✓ Contracting
✓ Government regulations
✓ Tariffs
✓ Documentation
✓ Hazardous material management
✓ Interstate/intrastate traffic management
✓ Learn the principles and practices of purchasing from determining the requirements for goods and services through their receipt.


Materiel handling
✓ Quality assurance
✓ Quantity determination
✓ Price and cost analysis
✓ Supplier relations
✓ Industry best practices
✓ Common terminology and methods of purchasing
✓ Purchasing standards

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