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Duration: 12 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union and one of the most widely used languages internationally. It originates from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, and it also shares certain similarities with English.

Speaking German is a valuable asset in nowadays’ competitive world. German is not only spoken in Germany but also other European countries, such as Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, which you will be able to appreciate and enjoy much more.

There may be various motivations for you to learn German, no matter what your motivations are, our courses will help you to meet all your learning objects. For Culture: Germany’s cultural contribution to the world has been vast. Indeed, when it comes to intellectual contribution, few countries can compete with Germany’s output. Learning German will increase your exposure to, and understanding of, this rich cultural heritage. For Study: knowing the language will help you to expand your study opportunities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. For Profession: for many professionals, the major incentive to learn German is its employment opportunities, especially in the Mechanical Engineering industry. With our various leveled German courses, you will make fast progress in learning the language and broaden your communicative and intercultural competence.

The focus of the Beginner’s level is the basic topics, including greetings, thank, farewell, self-introduction, family and profession. By developing your German vocabularies, you can also increase your understanding of the origins of certain words we use in every day. More advanced courses will build on your existing knowledge in order to increase your ability to communicate effectively. The focus of the courses aims to develop your conversational language skills through improving fluency, developing a greater familiarity with grammar rules, and by expanding the range of one’s vocabulary.

Our Approach and Methodology
The courses clearly define the communication targets of listening, speaking in a conversation, speaking without interruption, reading and writing, base on your ability levels; they are Beginner, Intermediate User, and Advanced User. Choose between our two programmes of General German to learn four skills, or Spoken German to focus on listening and speaking.

The goal of the levels classification is to help you measure your progress in each of your learning stages. It describes what knowledge you should learn in order to be able to communicate, along with the skills you must acquire to become an efficient speaker. This tool of levels measurement helps to set an international standard and has been commonly defined as Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

If you wish to enhance your German level for business purpose, attend German for the Business course to uplift your capabilities in:
✓ Business language proficiency, including vocabularies, phrases, and grammar in speaking and writing
✓ Properly handle emails, telephone calls, business letters, business meetings, business conversations and discussions, and all other business scenarios
✓ Knowledge in business ethics and etiquettes
✓ Act confidently with your German-speaking business partners and clients
✓ Build rapport and strengthen relationships with German-speaking colleagues and clients through a show of interest in the language and culture

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