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Duration: Upto 18 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Module 01 – Introduction to the Principles of BIM
✓  The benefits of BIM

What will BIM deliver?
Module 02 – UI Tour, Project Navigation and View Creation
✓  Introducing the menu and screen layout
✓  Interrogating the model to extract views
✓  Plans
✓  Sections and elevations
✓  Callouts and drafting views
✓  3D isometrics, perspectives and walkthrough movies
✓  Placement and properties of grids and levels
✓  Introduction to basic Revit elements

Module 03 – Element Selection and Manipulation
✓  Object selection and methods
✓  Element properties
✓  Instance and type parameters
✓  Nodes and snaps

Module 04 – Visibility Control and Categorization
✓  Project-wide settings
✓  View specific overrides
✓  Element specific overrides
✓  Individual line overrides
✓  Exercise on modifying element visibility
✓  Autodesk Revit Structure
✓  Learning Essentials Training Course Outline

Module 05 – Model Development Methodology
✓  Rationalized model construction
✓  Graded component libraries
✓  Data-rich / graphics light
✓  Controlling 3D geometry and 2D linework

Module 06 – Settings Units and Linking Revit
✓  Project units – Common and Structural
✓  Structural settings and symbolic representation
✓  Analytical settings
✓  Linking CAD and Revit Architecture
✓  Copy monitor and coordination review
✓  Exercise on linking a Revit Architecture model and using copy/monitor tools

Module 07 – Modelling Basics – Walls, Columns Beams and Bracing
✓  Basic definitions
✓  Relating slabs to walls and supporting framework
✓  Column placement and behavior
✓  Beam placement and behavior
✓  Element connectivity and display
✓  Bracing characteristics
✓  Exercise on element placement techniques and introducing sketchingprinciples

Module 08 – Foundations and Piling
✓  Footings and foundations types
✓  Isolated pads, piles and strip foundations
✓  Slabs, standard and in-place family foundations
✓  Slab edges, ground beams
✓  Foundation walls, piers and pilasters
✓  Exercise on foundation slabs, walls, piers, pilasters, footings and pile caps
✓  Autodesk Revit Structure
✓  Learning Essentials Training Course Outline

Module 09 – System Family Editing
✓  Principles of composite system family definition
✓  Understanding properties such as function, and wrapping of layers
✓  Creating and utilizing a system family library
✓  Exercise on system family editing

Module 10 Basic Schedules and Legends
✓  Interactive session on the generation of tabular interrogations of the model
✓  Scheduling components
✓  Style schedules
✓  Legends
✓  Interactive exercise on creating a schedule and legend

Module 11 – Geometry Formation and In-Place Families
✓  Interactive session on the creation and manipulation of basic solid and void
✓  forms
✓  Extrusion
✓  Blend Revolve
✓  Sweep
✓  Swept Blend
✓  Interactive exercise on creating the above forms

Module 12 – Slab and Roof Tools
✓  Sketching Rules
✓  Relating to slabs to walls and supports
✓  Cantilevers, span direction and adding slopes
✓  Slab foundation and slab edge
✓  Basic Roof Designs
✓  Exercise on placing floor slabs and creating roofs
✓  Autodesk Revit Structure
✓  Learning Essentials Training Course Outline

Module 13 – Stairs Ramps and Railings
✓  Characteristics of simple staircases and ramps
✓  Handrailing integral to the stairs and ramps
✓  Stand-alone handrail
✓  Exercise on stairs and railings

Module 14 – Beam and Truss Systems
✓  Beam systems creation and placement
✓  Sketching boundaries and rules
✓  Modifying beam system properties
✓  Concrete framing systems and pan joist slabs
✓  Truss elements, placement and family creation
✓  Attaching trusses to roofs and floors
✓  Exercise on creating and placing beam and truss systems

Module 15- Project Phases and Design Options
✓  Project phasing, properties and creation
✓  Phase filters and graphic overrides
✓  Combining phases, infill and the demolition of elements
✓  Design option terminology and workflow
✓  Utilizing design option sets and work sets
✓  Exercise on utilizing project phases, filters and design options

Module 16 – 2D Draughting and Annotation
✓  Introducing annotation tools and component categories
✓  Details component libraries
✓  Repeating details
✓  Lines and arcs
✓  Text, tags and keynotes
✓  Exercise on generating and annotating a construction detail

Module 17 – Sheet Compilation and Publication
✓  Project browser organization – WIP and Publish
✓  Creating and populating sheets
✓  Working and schedules
✓  Publishing and document management
✓  Autodesk Revit Structure
✓  Learning Essentials Training Course Outline

Module 18 – Basic Subdivision and Collaboration
✓  Introducing a BIM Strategy document
✓  Model management
✓  Project team collaboration techniques
✓  Transmittal and model issue protocols
✓  Basics of large model sub-division
✓  Exercise on work sets and task allocation

Module 19 – Introduction to the Principles of Family Editing
✓  The basic process
✓  stages for trouble free family creation
✓  Exercise on defining a fully parametric furniture componen

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