Rhinoceros and Grasshopper Training

Al Mihad Training Center

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AED 3,000

AED 4,000

Duration: Upto 35 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Online course

Rhinoceros 3D: This course will provide students with the essential and advance skills and knowledge in key modeling techniques for using curves, surfaces and solids. The teaching flow will start with a quick overview of Rhino functions, followed by set of case studies to elaborate how those functions can set together to build up a 3D model. By the end of this course, students will have gained basic to advance skill in conceptualizing ideas and how to model them in 3D environment.


Grasshopper: This course will provide students with essential to advanced skills to be able effectively use Grasshopper. The course starts with overview of parametric design history and powerful applications in current professions. This to be followed by introduction to advanced level  Grasshopper interface and students will  get training on various parametric concepts and ability to think algorithmically through lectures, case studies as well as home exercises. By the end of the course, students shall gain introductory to advanced knowledge to allow them dive in further in grasshopper and it is advanced applications within creative practices. 

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