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Duration: Upto 120 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

Knowasap provides best SAP WM Training by our highly professional.

SAP WM (Warehouse Management) and HUM (Handling unit management) application provides flexible, automated support to assist you in processing all goods movements and in maintaining current stock inventories in your warehousing complex.

It handles the warehousing processes like Define and manage complex warehousing structures, Optimize material flow using advanced put away and picking techniques, Process goods receipts, goods issues, RF and stock transfers quickly and easily etc.

We are delighted to be one of the best leading IT training provider with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to candidates worldwide, so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.
✓ Lifetime Access to SAP WM + HUM course.
✓ Course completion certificate, Certification documents and materials, interview questions, E Book.
✓ Mode of learning - Online self learning 
✓ 24/7 support.


Duration of Course SAP WM +HUM training:    
120+ hours


Topics Covered are SAP WM training: 
✓ Introduction to Warehouse Management   
✓ Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3
✓ Organization Data
✓ Warehouse Structure

Organization Data / Define Warehouse Organization structure 
✓ Warehouse number
✓ Storage type
✓ Storage section
✓ Storage Bin
✓ Storage Bin Structure
✓ Storage Bin Types
✓ Picking Area
✓ Storage unit
✓ Quant etc…

Master Data       
✓ Material Master
✓ Transfer Requirement        

Number Range for TR
✓ Create Transfer requirement Manually
✓ Create Transfer requirement Automatically
✓ Settings for Automatic TR Creation
✓ Convert TR to TO
✓ Posting change notice         


Number Range for PCN
✓ Create Posting change Notice Manually
✓ Creating PCN Automatically
✓ Convert PCN to TO
✓ Transfer Order


Number Range for TO
✓ Create Transfer Order Manually
✓ Create TO Transfer Requirement
✓ Create TO Posting change notice no
✓ Create TO Material document
✓ Create TO Inbound delivery with ASN - Advanced Shipping Notification
✓ Confirm the Transfer Order
✓ Cancel the Transfer Order
✓ Delete TO
✓ Block and Unblock Storage Bins, Quants, Storage Types
✓ Print TO
✓ Set Up Auto Creation for TR's and PCN'S
✓ Set Up 2 - Step Picking for TR'S
✓ Automatic TO Creation and Confirmation

Put away Strategies
✓ Next to empty bin
✓ Addition to existing bin
✓ Open Storage
✓ Fixed bin strategy
✓ Picking Strategies
✓ Shelf life expired -SLED
✓ Stringent FIFO

Warehouse Management Business Scenario's (MM)
✓ MM Flow with Interface with WM
✓ Material Documents Processing in WM
✓ GR and GI with WM
✓ Transfer Posting in WM
✓ Plant to Plant
✓ Sloc to Sloc
✓ Stock TO Stock
✓ Schema Group Vendor
✓ STO - Stock Transport Order using WM (MM-SD-WM Interface)

Physical Inventory Processes in WM
✓ Create Physical inventory record
✓ Enter count results
✓ Clear the difference in WM
✓ Clear the difference in IM

✓ Define Movement types
✓ Define Posting Changes
✓ Generate Interim Storage Bins
✓ Activate Automatic Creation
✓ Allow Negative Stocks in Interim Storage types
✓ Goods Movement (IM) not allowed for storage types
✓ 2 Step Picking Process in SD

Batch Management in WM
✓ Condition Tables
✓ Access Sequence
✓ Strategy Types
✓ WM Batch Search Procedure
✓ Batch Status in WM
✓ Characteristics and class
✓ SLED In Batch in WM
✓ Manual And Automatic Batch Display In WM
✓ Integration
✓ WM with QM
✓ WM with PP
✓ WM with SD

Topics covered in SAP HUM Course: 
SAP Handling Unit Basics
✓ Introduction to Handling Units
✓ Understanding Packing
✓ Understanding Handling Units
✓ Understanding Handling Unit Data Record with HUMO

Basic SAP Handling Unit Configuration
✓ Setting up Basic Handling Unit Configuration
✓ Packing-Creating Handling Units
✓ Serial Shipping Container Code -SSCC number


How to configure SSCC number.
Configuration of Handling Unit Managed Location
Understanding configuration for HU managed Location

Handling Unit Output
✓ How to configure Handling Unit output.
✓ How to configure custom bar codes for HU output.
✓ Configuration of Packing Material

Working with Handling Units in HU managed location
✓ Receiving Material in HU managed Location
✓ Delivering Material from HU managed Location 

Configuration for HUM Integration with WM
✓ HUM integration with WM-Customization part 1
✓ HUM integration with WM Customization part 2
✓ Working with Handling Units in HU managed Warehouse
Receiving Material in HU managed Warehouse 
Automatic Packing
Setting up Automatic Packing Functionality 
Packing on a Packing Station
Setting up Packing station

Working with Handling Units
✓ Setting up pick HU for partial picking
✓ How to Unpack and Repack Handling Units
✓ Nesting of Handling Units
✓ Introduction to VLMOVE
✓ Working with HU02 transaction
✓ Storage Unit Management 

SAP Radio Frequency Solution for WMS
✓ SAP RF Solution Concept - Overview
✓ Mobile Data entry and RF Menu Basics
✓ How SAP RF menu works - System Demo
✓ Understanding RF Menu Configuration
✓ Configuring your own RF Menu in SAP

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