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AED 3,625

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Duration: Upto 40 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

What you will learn?
You will learn all the segments of the NEW SAT test, these three are noteworthy.

The Reading Test
In this segment you would learn comprehension and reasoning skills in relation to reading a complex passage. From simple to complex challenging passages, you’ll learn how to pair, associate knowledge given in that passage and even understand the informational graphics.

Writing and Language
In this, students would learn how to write quality passages with complete control over their expression and vocabulary. You’ll learn all the steps that are necessary for writing a good piece of content from brainstorming it to actually writing and then revising and editing.

Mathematical Practice
You’ll learn all the basic and advance knowledge of Mathematics required for your SAT. In the start you’ll learn how to think critically for making out the sense of the given problem and then choosing the right tool and method to solve that problem from algebra to more advanced mathematics.

Prerequisite or Previous Knowledge
There’s no prerequisite for SAT training, anyone can join and develop skills for achieving good grades in SAT.

Who Should Attend?
All pre-engineering and mathematics students or students who wish to study abroad should attend these training classes. Anyone who would be facing an SAT sooner or later or anyone who wants to develop basic linguistic, writing and problem solving skills are highly recommended to join this training.

At Course Completion
You’ll be proficient and confident in all the major segments of SAT including reading, writing and mathematics. Your skill set and mind would be ready to understand, analyze, solve and attempt SAT questions effectively.

Why Duke Training Centre?
Duke Training Centre focuses on the three major segments of SAT, including Reading, writing and Mathematics. The whole curriculum is designed in an iterative manner, it keeps testing students and repeating until they’ve mastered the skill. Every student at Duke Training Centre gets a personalized attention from the highly qualified teachers. Learning from basics to knowing all the tricks on your fingertips, Duke Training Centre teaches you how to work smart. We respect your time, every minute spent here would be a minute of wisdom and learning. With this training course, Duke Training Centre guarantees an enhancement in your SAT scores. Our platform is very flexible and allows an individual level attention to ensure that none of the students miss anything.

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