Spoken Emirati Intermediate level B3 - Group course

AlRamsa Institute

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AED 1,440

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Duration: 16 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Intermediate level B3 The course is based on Emirati film “sea Shadow” where students can learn about 5,000 Emirati words in authentic dialogue. The film that follows Emirati 16-year-old: Mansoor and Kaltham as they struggle with traditions and conventions on their journey towards adulthood. Bound by family and deeply rooted values, the pair must find the courage to forge their paths.

Course Level: B3
Days: Thursday Time: 6 – 8 pm
Duration: 8 weeks 
Teacher: Emirati Spoken

Emirati Course Outline in B3 Level Lessons Topic Lesson 1: Mansoor sells home-made juice in the neighborhood Lesson 2: Mansoor feel attracted to two girls: Awash &Kaltham Lesson 3: Kaltham feeling unsecured by men Lesson 4: Mansoor feel more attracted to a divorced woman Awash Lesson 5: Kaltham leaving to AD

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